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    Im not sure where this should be posted, but after playing for roughly an hour, i quit out of the game after a rather frustrating death. I was on the boat headed to town at the time i closed out. When i later reopened the game, i sailed on the boat to town and promptly headed to the forest to rebegin my adventure, only talking to a few townsfolk on the way. i entered the forest, and upon entering the first “honey” room, the woman spoke to me about the book she found and i realized my entire book had been wiped clean.

    Granted the farthest i had been in the forest so far was year 4, but i really felt like i had made progress and had amassed a nice bookfull of information (roughly 50-100 entries). that progress is now gone. Again, while i dont mind restarting, i would like to know how this happened so i might avoid it in the future.

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    I’m sorry about that. We’re trying to figure out what might have happened. Can you remember any details such as the following:

    1. How did you quit out of the game? E.g., “Held down the PS button, then chose to Turn Off Console” or “Pressed the PS button, which minimized the game and took me back to the PlayStation menu.”

    2. Had you advanced the dialogue when you were in the boat before quitting? Or were you still on the first screen of the dialogue?

    3. Did you die by running out of energy or by failing a year for the second time?


    Actually, please disregard my last post; we’ve figured out how to reproduce the problem. We will look into fixing it. In order to avoid the problem until we fix this bug, please do not exit the game while in the boat with the fisherman. Instead, please advance through the dialogue and wait until you’re in town before exiting the game.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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