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    Hello Flanners,

    for a while now I have observed that sometimes, when discussing placement of either flan objects or resources on a map, I could not come to an agreement with my fellow player.
    Indeed it seemed that the more clearly each of us tried to point out the location of something, the more confused each of us would become, until one of us caved and whipped out the phone booth spam for illustration. At first, I put it down to my being “directionally challenged”, ie. I confuse directions (a lot) in real life – you wouldn’t want to be the poor tourist asking me for a location I know very well, only to be sent entirely the wrong way, but with the utmost confidence from my side.

    Anyway, it wasn’t until a long external discussion and screenshot session with a very patient player (thanks Kheldar) that I realized the reason for all of these misunderstandings was that apparently, different players apply the cardinal directions differently to this game.

    As someone who has played a lot of old-fashioned isometric RPGs (and a few, though not terribly many, isometric MMORPGs), the below figure illustrates how I applied North to this isometric game – in fact, this came to me so naturally and intuitively that I never even considered other people could be doing something else.

    Figure A.

    It was subsequently pointed out to me that this is not an universally correct way of doing it at all, especially because logically, North could as well be top left, as in the following.

    Figure B.

    This is had to concede, albeit grudgingly. I’ve even talked to someone who named this the most intuitive way of applying North – a mystery to me, but serves to show what I know.

    So to avoid having to agree on a North each discussion, some players do the meta-approach and step out of the isometric grid altogether, and when explaining things, stick to the Unrefutable North:

    Figure C.

    Thinking about it, I have to admit this may make the most sense, but I don’t know if my brain will ever get used to it.

    So I was curious – what’s your system, A, B or C?



    I’m definitely a user of C – “Unrefutable North”. If you asked me “within this isometric grid, which way is north?” I would tell you screenshot A every time, but for exactly the reasons you stated I think of it in terms of figure C.

    If you disagree with me, you are a terrible Flan and should stay in your Worker Home all day and never come out. :-P



    See I automatically assume figure A and when discussing with others assume they mean figure A as well.

    Which might explain why sometimes its easier to drop a phone booth :)

    Now I must continue my Zerack-imposed solitary confinement. :(



    I’ve been using C, which I think of as “screen directions” (north on my computer screen), rather than “world directions” (and who can tell what’s north in these torus-worlds?)



    This is definitely a case where being able to zoom out and see the entire map at once would be of benefit.



    Thanks to everyone who replied so far. More voices please! Would you have clicked something if this was a proper poll? Then you might as well post a brief sentence :D

    @toquerific: Thankyou, so I wasn’t the only one who did that after all, hehe.

    @the screen direction users: Your lack of immersion is disturbing. Play more and remember that YOU ARE THE FLAN :P



    The only correct answer is C. :) Don’t let Flannigan impose his nostalgia-laden religion upon you!






    Current score:

    A: 2
    B: 0
    C: 4
    Pudding for breakfast: Priceless

    Well, I surely see myself assuming C by default from now on due to this result.

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