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    My wife and I have both been playing through Alphabears, but recently the rest times on most of my bears has dropped down to an hour, while hers are still the longer rest time.

    For example – her zombie bear needs 8hrs rest, golf bear is 24hrs and hexabee is 8hrs. My version of all those only need 1hr, but they did used to be the same.

    We’re puzzled why there is a difference, because our progress is pretty much identical :)

    Some clues:

    – We’re both on Android, different accounts / phone
    – Both have same version of AB (
    – Both have all the achievements done
    – Both on chapter 4 currently
    – I have 22 bears, she has 21

    Any ideas? Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature :)


    We are still fine tuning naptimes and testing some changes. You should see the final changes rolled out to everyone soon. It will be a big reduction, but we aren’t yet sure exactly how big.



    Is there any update as to when the changes roll out? I am experiencing the same problem where i have to wait a day for most bears while my husband waits only an hour. He is on an android phone while i am on an ipad.

    Thank you.


    We standardized the shorter naptimes in version 01.05.00, which was released on 2015-08-01. All Android users should now have naptimes that are significantly shorter than what they were at worldwide launch (IF they have updated their games to version 01.05.00 or higher). All iOS users should still have the original times from worldwide launch a few weeks ago because 01.03.00 is the maximum version out for iOS at the moment. I don’t currently have an ETA on when this change will be available for iOS players.

    (As you may or may not be aware, when we have an update ready to go, we can release it to Android instantly but on iOS we must go through Apple’s certification process which can take anywhere from 0-2 weeks. Thus, we iterate quickly on Android because Google Play’s processes allow for it. iOS will get the new naptimes at some point, but again I don’t have an ETA for it. As of the time of this writing we have not yet submitted a build to Apple, so it’s not appropriate to get impatient with Apple yet.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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