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    So, as a player that’s spent a fair amount of money on this game, but not tons ($50 total, I believe) I’ve noticed that I have a essentially all the commons and uncommons (with a few exceptions that I’m slowly crafting away at) but only a little over half of the rares and only a few rare doubles. This means that I can put together the cores of pretty much any basic deck, but there so many of them that require a least one or two (and often times as many as five or six) rares in order for them to really work. This isn’t a complaint about the game by any means, just the reasoning for me wanting to make this thread. I just want there to be somewhere to go for newer players who have just spent a chunk of money on new units and want to build a competitive deck that will work with the units they already have (maybe not competitive with Goly or SPH, but enough to get you to rank 50 for the week).

    So, I’ll start this out with my dogs deck I’ve been running for the last month or two. I’ve seen a few variations on it out there but this is what I’ve found to work for me.

    Diug x 2
    Myter x 2
    Ob x 2
    Ansel x 2
    Gumil x 2
    Slog x 2
    Roko x 2
    Dokken x 2

    It’s a pretty straightforward deck, in fact there’s a pretty similar build in the campaign so newer players should be able to figure it out. You start with getting those Diugs and Slogs out, and then pretty much anything else you want can go out by turn 3 since the max cost is 6 wood. If I get the chance I usually play a Roko as soon as possible so I can heal a Myter or two and get them into play for an early attack (plus if you put them below the roko you’ll get an extra wood and recruit the immediate next round, which early on can be a great help). From there it’s just a matter of forcing out the rest of the dogs. The max damage is only forty, but that’s where the Dokkens come in. If you’re playing a high damage deck like an Arthur or Driaga having your two dokkens in the back spaced out by a roko can seriously frustrate their chances of getting those buffs from their back row. Heavy wound decks, like spike, can a bit trickier. For them I might play my Dokkens early to keep their gold production down long enough to get my front row full. I’ve played plenty of games where the opponent couldn’t get out a spike until I’d already taken his health down to one or two, and by then it was too late.

    As a brief caveat, just last week I got a Gild as my rank 50 reward, and I couldn’t resist sticking him in this deck. He’s definitely been useful, and if you have one by all means throw it in, but it’s by no means essential, and it may even be slowing down my production a bit. Not sure yet. Any other forest rare probably wouldn’t fit with the build too well. But like I said, I’ve been running it for a month+ completely rare free, and it’s gotten me to rank 50 a handful of times.

    So there you go, I’d love to see some more common/uncommon deck builds amass here over time. I have a Nevil deck that I’ve been playing with no rares, but it’s still pretty hit or miss; anyone got one with pretty good results? How about a Golems deck (I still need those Golem producer cards before I can experiment with one)? Heck, even a Spike deck that doesn’t requires a Horus (How come so many people have Horus? Did I miss a free giveaway?).



    Great idea for a thread!

    Here is a variation on my favorite acolyte deck. 10 commons, 8 uncommons. The cards you need are kind of specific, but it fits the bill. If you have a Jade he’ll fit nicely in here. See my detailed description of the Jadeful version here: https://spryfox.com/forums/topic/deckguide-smacolyte/

    Unit list:
    – 2x Branan
    – 2x Yaran
    – 1x Katie
    – 2x Durant
    – Grom
    – 2x Lare
    – 2x Bin
    – 2x Gage
    – 2x Mana
    – 1x Harden
    – 1x Epherius



    This is a deck using guaranteed cards in the starter, and in the campaign before you get Arthur. Doesn’t quite fit your requirement of “no rares”, but I think it’s even better: it’s a deck made of cards every new player can get. Could be better, even given the restrictions. I think I usually lose to newbies that have Spike…


    This deck is a deck without rares that I had been running last week, with changes here and there. It’s meant to show the power of commons and uncommons. The deck currently stands at 10 commons and 8 uncommons. It had two Spikes and no Cliffs at one point, then two Spikes and a Cliff. I’ve beaten some serious players with it.

    It started out as a deck for my new Illian, then I added in mercenaries as a theme. Finally became a common/uncommon deck. I wish I had a Tydus.



    Yeah, I had originally meant to say in the first post that Arthur and Pyras don’t really count as a rare (1 at least, having two of either one obviously wouldn’t count) since everyone who plays through the campaign can get one. Is Payne a starter card now? That would explain why I’ve seen him so much lately, particularly in decks that also have Groff in them… I thought that was a psychological tactic to lure me into a false sense of security.



    So, I’ve seen a lot of Nevil based decks during this last tourney (in fact, I used him for about half of my matches getting to 50 this week), so I thought I would add my version to this topic. I had tried running a Nevil deck when he first came out with mixed results, but now that we’ve got Ozzle… oh man, this thing is fast.

    Nevil x2
    Ozzle x2
    Tamarum x2
    Loom x2
    Rorth x2
    Talas x2
    Yaran x2

    The Ozzles are great for adding early damage while you get enough crystal to put out your front line. Their main downside is that they may mess up your first draw, but given how many cheap units are in this thing that is almost never a problem. Getting a Talas in your back row early is another important point, since being able to draw from 8 cards in a rush deck can lead to a pretty devastating following turn. The max damage is 33, and I can usually get it out by turn 4 with decent draws. The Yarans typically come into play when I’m going against other rush decks and need to whittle down their front row, though they’ve come in handy in keeping middle speed decks (Arthur, wolves, dogs etc.) from getting their defenses built up too much. You still need to get the game over fast to have much of a chance, but the fireballs give the deck a little more longevity than some of the earlier Gold based rush decks.

    All in all the deck is 11 commons and 4 Uncommons. If you have a Deimos or two you can replace a Yaran with one, but that comes down to play-style and it doesn’t have a definite advantage over the other.



    My Zealousy deck uses no rares. It does depend on 2x Lare, 2x Bin, and a good number of Wizards.

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