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    So here are some random buildings I’ve thought of that would enable more strategic options. Some of them might be overpowered, too wonky, or just plain not good enough, but I just wanted to throw these ideas out there and see what other forumites have thought of, also.

    –Sprinter House: The flan from this house moves at twice the speed of the path he’s on. (so if he were on a wood path he’d move as fast as a regular train)

    –Forgetful Flan: doesn’t pick up or drop off from shoppes (only gathers/sells raw resources).

    –Rail Bridge: a train bridge for crossing a road

    –“Detour”: Place one of these at a “T” intersection, and instead of always turning right, every other flan will alternate left/right.

    –Switch House: Similar to the above, but for trains. Whenever a train crosses the track in front of the switch house, the rail is switched so the train takes the other route. Unlike the above, it doesn’t have to be going straight into the “T” but could come from the side (so every other train would take a turn instead of going straight). Alternately, you could link an intersection and a “trigger” track to have the same result, but this would be more complicated as it would require placing on two separate squares for a single feature.

    So those are some of the ideas I’ve had (at least those that I remember well enough to post now). Feel free to critique/alter/edit/whatever and give your own spin on it. And please share some of your own ideas, as well.

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    I like the idea of a road segment that makes the flan go back the way it came — that way you would be able to get resources from some of the tight spaces. I guess it’s pretty much a U-Turn.



    Sprinter typo– I meant if the sprinter were on a stone path he’d move as fast as a train.



    Planned to make something like this myself, but had no time lately. I would just like to encourage everyone that post an idea, to also write down how much space those buildings wold take and what the in game price(in gold, and maybe also in Crowns) would be.

    I don’t like the whole Detour and Switch house items, since game is based on the clockwise movement, but I guess most people will support this because they are irritated with the fact flans take only right turns, and thus sometimes ruin a “perfect” plan.

    Ok so here are my ideas:

    Size: 2×4
    Price: 100,000(+150,000), 850 Crowns
    Description: A building that enables 2 players to transfer gold between each other. For player to be able to transfer gold, they need to connect 2 of there buildings(so each player has to place 1 on his side of the border so it is adjacent to the other one, forming a big 4×4 building).
    Special: Player is able to transfer up to 100,000 gold every 2 hours.

    Size: 1×1
    Price: 10,000(+5,000), 600 Crowns
    Description: A ramp that enables for Tracks and Flan Paths to cross. Ramp has 3 stages: Open(there is no trains nearby), flans are free to pass over it like normal road. Lowered(there is a train on a rail 2 blocks away from the Ramp), flans can only get off of the Ramp field(so jump from Ramp to path), but no new flans are able to get on the Ramp. Closed(train is 1 block away from Ramp or is on the Ramp itself), flans can’t get on the ramp, and have to wait for train to pass by before Ramp opens up again. NOTE: I think this is what claudekennilol had in mind if I’m correct.

    Size: 1×1, max lenght 10
    Price: 50,000(+10,000), 900 Crowns
    Description: Build this building on an end of the track and another one on the end of the other track, that have same direction and it’s ends facing each other. Trains will than enter the underground rail system, clearing space on the ground level. Maximum speed is that of the normal train, thus slowing speed train to the speed of normal train(slow train is still slow). Basically tunnel is only able to go straight. Note that you need 2 Tunnels to have it work, but you save some gold for building tracks, and also gives extra space.
    Layout example(= is track, # is Tunnel building, – is any space on the ground, that would normally be taken by the tracks):

    ==# – – – – – – #==



    Keep ’em coming. Love these ideas. :-)



    That tunnel is cool!



    Cartographers Shoppe:
    Has a new gem based recipe to produce a prince unique map fragment. Fragments can be traded and combined to produce a map of a portion of the world (a small grid with a particular resource distribution) and an X… to mark the spot. If a shoppe or shirne is placed over the x and whatever demands met, the princes will be rewarded with an additional treasure should they complete the game.



    Tunnel edit: tunnel can of course go under any kind of obstacle, so that means resources and other buildings.

    Size: 1×2, maximum 3 per map.
    Price: 100,000(+150,000), 1200 Crowns,
    Description: An enchanter boosts the shoppe’s production by increasing the worth of goods produced by 15%. If goods are later used in production of something else, the boost is lost. So if you want to get the boost, the good in factory has to be sold, and not used in some other recipe. For boost to be functional, the Enchanter has to be adjacent to the factory you want too boost, touching it with full length of his longer side. If it touches 2 factories, there is no boost for any of them.
    Special: Boosts value of produced good by 10%. Boost is lost if the good is used for crafting another good.

    Transport service:
    Size: 3×3
    Cost: 100,000(+50,000), 700 Crowns
    Description: Instead of having to tow some goods from very far away to your Palace, you can use the Transport service. It does the same thing as Palace, but at a price. Delivered good bring only 70% of their actual value.

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    Destructors (2×2): Destroy any items delivered to them. Or, any subset. Such as Incinerators destroy wood, crushers destroy stone, steamers destroy water, compost destroys food.

    Heat Beams (1×1): Melts a column or cone of terrain, 3-5 tiles wide and 24 tiles long.

    Storage box (1×1): If a flan passes it with an item, the item goes in the box. If a flan passes without an item, he takes out the topmost item from the box. Perfect for timing adjustments on a loop picking up unwanted resources too early.



    Size: 4×4
    Price: 50,000 + 50,000
    Description: When placed, choose a recipe (like you do with shops). That recipe can now be delivered to the warehouse, and each delivery increases its stock. At the end of the day cycle, the warehouse does not lose what has been saved up. One corner is an output tile, allowing Flan/Trains to grab things out of the warehouse, reducing its stock. A maximum of 100 recipes can be stored.

    Size: 4×4
    Price: 1,000,000 + 1,000,000
    Description: Similar to shops, but requires a massive amount of resources. Like the Warehouse, resources don’t reset after the day cycle is over. The goods generated are inventory items. For example, a Mega-Factory would require 100 Pottery and 200 Fine Lumber to make Wood Path, or 200 Metal Ingots and 500 Oak to make Rails. To prevent abuse, once the item has been made, the Mega-Factory would cease to work and would no longer accept goods.

    Trail Blazer
    Size: 1×1
    Price: 50,000 + 10,000
    Description: A Flan type that when placed requires a path to be laid down that can go over resources. When the Trail Blazer comes out of his home, he follows the path set, destroying any resources he lands on and replaces them with Stone Path.

    The Warehouse and Trail Blazers would require a heavy modding of the system, I imagine, but I’m just throwing ideas out. These aren’t serious ‘put these in the game please’ ideas ;)

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    Walled Path
    Size: 1×1
    Price: Some amount more than Stone Paths
    Description: Functions identically to Stone Paths, except there are walls on either side of the path. Any adjacent tile that is not another path of any kind would have a wall up that prevents flans from picking up or dropping off resources. This might make the game too easy, though. Maybe they can cost significantly more than regular paths, maybe even more than rail. It would make the Scarcity Emblems effectively useless, too.



    Filter Crane:
    Size: 1×1
    Price: 100,000(+150,000), 1200 Crowns
    Description: A very special Crane indeed. Instead of picking up everything and dropping it off on the other side, this crane will pick up only resource that is chosen.
    Special: Clicking on crane opens up the same menu as with shoppes. Here, player can pick 1 receipt that will be transferred using this crane. Note that raw materials will be on the list of receipts as well(as to allow raw resources to be transferred).

    Extended Crane:
    Size: 1×2
    Price: 50,000(+10,000), 1000 Crowns
    Description: Crane with an extended arm that picks up items from flans that are not next to the crane. This means you can reach over some paths to collect unreachable goods.
    Layout example(|| is track, # is worker’s path, – is worker’s path that cranes goes above and is unaffected by the Extended Crane, [] is crane’s base(so 2×1), ? is the delivery/pickup spot):



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    In the vein of the extended crane, the vacuum. The vacuum is 1×1, and picks up any resources from a 3×3 area, and allows flans/trains moving beside the vacuum to pick them up, one at a time. In essence, this means it converts a 3×3 area to a 1×1 pickup square. This is useful for situations where the resources are against an edge and you can’t easily pick them up, where you’re making a rails crane system for fast delivery of a large number of similar items (like gems to the seduction writ) and you want faster pickup, situations where you want to remove resources from near or inside a delivery loop. If they took from carriers, you could even make a super 1 way crane with it, that would be much more efficient than the regular crane/rail chain setups for long delivery chains. In fact, they should take resources from flans and trains, that would make them more commonly useful.



    I like the idea of the Vacuum. It could be pretty fun to play around with.

    On the topic of cranes, a couple sort of random/silly crane ideas:

    One-Switch Cranes:
    Cranes that pick up an item like normal, but when the item is taken off the crane, it doesn’t switch around again until another item is picked up by it.

    Flan/Train Cranes:
    Cranes that pick up Flans or Trains and drop them off after switching around. If there isn’t a Path/Rail under the drop off tile, then the crane indefinitely holds the unit.



    Notion for developers: You might start considering making some of these. Why? Idea is simple. If you have a big collection offered for buying, than you can reduce prices of all the items in general. Or you can make crown packs bring more crowns for same amount of money. This way players still wont have all the items for some low amount of money, but they can still get some simple things pretty cheap. Trust me, if you had a 2$ pack which brings 500 crowns, you would earn much more money than you are earning with 5$ for 400. Also you want to have bonuses on bigger purchases higher(so up to 30%). Also make more purchase offers. 300, 550, 1150, 2400, 3800, 6000. And of course with reduced prices.

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