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    I’ve thought about how crafting goods is not just for income and boss objectives any more. In addition, crafting goods helps heirs grow as flan. That’s great, but to what end? Sure we come along and thaw a region, but after that there is just another frozen region to thaw. Surely, there must be a greater purpose to (flan) life? A couple thoughts:

    1) What is inside the palace? What happens to all those goods brought into our palace anyway? Surely there must be someone (or something) inside that we don’t see. Perhaps this area could represent our permanent home that we could zoom into to answer these important questions. It could be an area for ongoing crafting for the purpose of training, or something more interesting.

    2) What is outside a level map? We’re all residents of a world that we can’t yet see, filled with ghosts that haunt the land. We engage in skirmishes, thawing this region and that, but what will be our eventual fate? Solving maps could be advancing some goal. What goal, you ask? I’ve tried to look for this myself, but whenever I set forth across the land from my palace to search for an answer, somehow I just end up arriving at the opposite gate.



    Considering that as far as I can tell, a level map is a sphere, I’m not sure that “world” is the right term. I think that every habitable world in the universe is frozen, because the flan became selfish, reducing what was an interstellar polity to a fragmented mess. The flan gods looked upon their children, and chose to punish the flan by freezing the worlds, confining them to a small region of space – too small.

    And so, world by world, the flan must work together in order to thaw their old empire, or perish.

    Yeah, I’m a bit weird.



    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Flanthu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.



    There is a back story to the flans and the ghosts inspired in part off the old Aesop’s fable of the ant and the grasshopper. And there is a bigger world. All things that I hope to add to the game at some point.



    I have to know more about these insect deities…

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