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    Hello Spryfoxians!

    I’ve mentored two games in the past day or so that have both ended up with the mentee abandoning it.

    Both mentees have done similar things:

    They place towers towards the boss, take all three altars, start laying out the groundwork, and then stop… abruptly… and then after about five or ten minutes, just abandon the level.

    Neither mentee replied to me in the Chat, leading me to believe that they aren’t aware of it.

    I’m guessing what is happening is that they are creating one too many torches (when taking the three altars), leaving no money to build for the boss.

    In the past, I’ve seen mentees solo the tutorial level, but with the latest changes to the recipes, it doesn’t seem possible for them to do so (since the L0 oak and perfume now both require 3 wood each, and i guess this is too expensive to do solo).

    Easy solution would be to increase the starting resources for this map.


    Cake of Pain

    Thanks for letting us know! We’ve fixed up that map a bit.



    I tried another mentor level, and it seems to be better now. However, it is quite tempting for the mentor to just solo the level. Hopefully most won’t.

    On a side note: In the mentor level that i was in, the mentee just tried crafting things in its starting area, and didn’t even try to expand to the towers. Having the chat window helped with that though.


    Cake of Pain

    Yep, we’ll likely tweak the mentor’s starting gold to take away this temptation :)

    Remember: don’t be a selfish Flan! Or, someday, YOU may be the one sitting on a frozen throne!

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    I’d like to see the chat window locked to an open position for the mentor games, as well. This would probably have alleviated all of the above problems by allowing them to communicate/problem solve together. As it is now I’ve sat through mentor games where I’m sure the new user had no idea there was a chat.

    (if this has been changed somehow since I last mentored then feel free to ignore this)



    Hmm. Don’t tempt me… I’d *love* to sit on a frozen throne, if that means that I get to be a boss ^_~

    I just finished another mentor game. The person didn’t seem to know that you can rotate factories (their factory still had the output on the south side). I’m not sure if that was covered or not, but they had to make a few loops with cranes, etc.

    …or maybe they just like more interesting setups…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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