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    In this build, between Shrines and recipe upgrades, the value of a given good is more variable than I can recall it ever being before. Are any of these value changes intended to propagate through other recipes? Similarly, are fancy-gem values intended to propagate through rings etc.?



    The recipe upgrades do propagate through subsequent recipes of the Recipedia. I hear Shrines do too.

    Anybody up on what Rubies/Sapphires/Diamonds do? Edit: Glancing across the map I see somebody’s Diamond+Amethyst rings selling for 213, so I’m assuming everything’s working correctly. =D

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    I don’t know, I see someone selling 9 rings for 2286 (254 each) and I’m selling 6 rings for 1278 which matches your 213.

    So I guess they got a ring upgrade?

    But my recipedia tells me rings should be 200. So I have no idea why I’m getting 213.



    You’re getting 213 because diamonds are more valuable than plain crystals, which in turn makes the rings more valuable. I suspect your friend across the map is using the even-more-valuable rubies to make even-more-valuable rings.



    Ah. How/why is that fair?

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