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    I’m no Nostradamus, and I’m about to prove it, with my expectations on what will happen.

    Dull Armor is going to be even less useful.
    With factories, it was possible to throw three necklaces into the same factory, vary the secondary input, and come up with a poison/fire/stone mix, then use careful timing to feed the mix of necklaces into a single factory, merge it with the proper inputs, and create a dull equipment set to build into Dull Armor. Not easy, but workable.

    Stores aren’t that flexible, so it will require more stores, as well as more space to go from 2×2 to 3×3.

    Mr. Jones just got harder.
    The complexities of building a Pink Flamingo aren’t any different, but the space requirement makes a difference.

    Creating a “glass blender,” “stew blender,” “flour blender,” or “cooked food blender” will become a handy skill.
    Pick three basic materials. Throw eight of each on a single loop, and set up two stores next to that. Work out some way to transfer the product from one store to the other, and select the product carefully. It’s not much harder than “throw it all in the factory,” but the product is uniform, making it easy to upgrade even further.

    And, just for the laughs:
    People are going to want to go back to the miser factory system, and beg for a roll-back.
    I’ve seen this in other games – every time something changes, there’s always somebody who thinks the previous system was better.

    So, what do you think will happen?

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    meh, I don’t really like this system or the miser factory system. I tried to keep playing but after they kept rolling in pointless updates with huge changes to the game I got bored and have stopped playing much.

    Imagine! If they spent their time on something other than changing what factories there are we would have a much better game.



    I still don’t understand the motivation to remove the original 3/5 port factories. The game was great fun and seemed to have a really good set of levels from easy to ridiculous. The change to remove the time limit and make that the competitive bit was great. The 2 slot factory as a bonus even worked with the system.

    And then the game got boring. I keep trying every new rev, but they’re just a shadow of the former game.



    @jchrisholmes: I’ve said repeatedly, already, and I’ll say it again. The 3/5 system was bad. As a general rule, if you were making anything but statues, you were playing poorly. That does not make for a good game. Sure, there were more valuable 3 factory setups, but for two setups with equal income, it typically required several times the effort to build the non-statue version.

    Gem based items served as a good alternative, but those were unreliable for the simple reason that you had to depend on your neighbors, who might not log in for days at a time, might not trade the gem right there on the border, etc.



    Delha, it’s a logical error to say the 3/5 system was bad because you had to make statues.
    That statues were the most profitable setup for a long time was a problem of recipedia balance, not one inherent to 3/5 factories.

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    Precisely. Shifting the balance of value so that non-statues were more valuable at the high end than statues would have solved that problem. I certainly agree that most games became just building statues – because they’re very easy to put together.



    To a large degree, I would argue that the issue was tied to both aspects of the game. The issue with statues as a whole (and to a lesser degree, Mana Orbs still) is that the process for building one is very very simple. I would assume that the devs attempted to offset this by putting into place the requirement for vast quantities of the resources in question, but that was largely offset by the fact that the components leading up to statues were still very valuable and that the volume demand is most typically met by simply dropping more torches (which the high value of the components offset).

    In contrast, other goods required production to grow at a slightly less than exponential rate, and often demanded very carefully structured production lines to ensure that your three goods each high the correct factory input (and didn’t get mixed up with the output). The larger factory ironically also made this easier, since the output had a 1 tile buffer from the inputs, serving as a bit of natural segregation. The reason statues were so good was that there weren’t just making more valuable goods, the production line for a non-statue item was more complex by a staggering amount. Consider something like Dull Crowns (a Tier 4 good). Even if we ignored the trade component, that took seven factories to make (unless my memory is failing me). Over twice as many factories, each of which generally required control of at least two distinct goods… Much more difficult than just cranking out a couple fine lumber.

    Simplifying the baseline factories from 3 slots to 2 slots went a long way towards closing that gap in complexity between “stacked goods” and traditional goods. Bringing the value of statue components down covered the other side of the imbalance. Statues were good due to simple production more than gold value. Fixing the latter alone wouldn’t be enough to fix the issue, the and the nature of statues made it impossible to increase production complexity without fundamentally changing what they represented.

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