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    Any idea to how create a great deck with Helm City and a Soldier inside?




    1) Make the best gold deck you can.
    2) If it doesn’t contain a soldier add the best one you have.
    3) Ignore the crystal, just suck up the fact that you only have 3 recruit. Your opponent does too.

    Unless your opponent has way better cards or skill than you, this will always beat someone who tries to make a gold crystal hybrid deck.
    Why is that? Because hybrid decks really suck. If you try to go with two different resources it means you will be stuck with your high end of casting mid-range cards of either color instead of expensive, powerful cards. It also means you can draw hands with only one cost type in them, which will waste a lot of resources.

    They really need to fix the hybrid cities. In all honesty a city that gave 2 Gold, 1 Crystal, and 4 Recruit would still be worse than Titanridge at 2 Gold, 4 Recruit. How you ask, when the first one is literally strictly better? It’s because if you tried to take advantage of that crystal and built a hybrid deck you shut yourself off from high end spells, which is terrible.

    They should really change the hybrid decks to be something like 2 Gold, 1 Crystal, 4 Recruit, and -1 starting life. -1 recruit is just way to steep a penalty for making a deck that is already underpowered.

    Or they could actually make some really good hybrid cards. Right now there is just no good reason to play a hybrid deck, there are no cards that make it worth it. For example, take a card of similar power level to Blight and make it like 6 Gold 6 Wood or something. Give people a reason to play the hybrid decks. What would be really cool is making an awesome 3 color guy, give people a reason to play shadow pillar.



    I managed to do pretty well using Illian as the soldier and then mostly running knights.



    You need recruit more than anything. I recommend trying a single Remi as your only 2 cost unit so that you always pull him on the first turn, then load up on some 3 cost producers for him to recruit on the second turn.

    2x Durant will work excellently with this, giving you even more recruitment power.



    Why is Jiast one of the only 2 commons I have none of D:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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