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    Dawn Lamond

    ‘ello! :)

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Whenever I try to open the new game, it has the ‘loading’ circling symbol, then a grey box at the top appears saying ‘Please connect to the internet.’ I am connected to the internet – via wi-fi.

    Just figured I’d mention it – it did that earlier today when I installed it (and played it right after downloading it – via wi-fi), and is still doing it now. :)


    ‘ello :)

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve encountered this problem. You’re not the only one, but there are also many people who haven’t encountered it. We’re trying to figure out what the differences are so we can fix the problem.

    Could you (and any other folks with this problem) please email support@spryfox.com with the following information:

    1. Which version of Operating System is your device running? (iOS 5.0.x, Android 2.2.x, CyanogenModx, MIUI, etc.)

    2. Which model of device are you playing on? (iPhone 4, Acer Iconia a200, Samsung Galaxy S, Kindle Fire, etc.)

    3. Please send us the basic troubleshooting info described here: https://spryfox.zendesk.com/entries/70396310-What-information-do-you-need-for-basic-troubleshooting-

    4. Have you ever signed into Game Center or Google Play Games Services (leaderboards / achievements / cloud save / etc.) with Alphabear?

    5. Have you ever been able to play, or has the game always given you this problem? If you have been able to play, can you think of anything different between the times you could play and the times you could not?

    6. Are you using ad-blocking software on your device? If so, do you still have the problem if you temporarily disable your ad blocker?

    7. Some devices allow you block mobile data on an app-by-app basis. Please confirm that you have not done this to Alphabear.

    8. Please let us know about anything that might be significant regarding your situation. E.g., “My employer blocks certain websites while on office Wi-Fi” or “I was on an airplane using the airplane Wi-Fi.”




    Why is it necessary to connect to the Internet at all? I travel a lot and Alphabear would be an ideal game for those times on planes before you can get your laptop out, but the fact that it requires a network connection means that I can’t use it then. Triple Town also has synched purchases and achievements but can be played offline, so I’m not sure why Alphabear can’t be. If this was a deliberate design decision, can you have another look at it? If not, can you fix it :-) ?



    I’d like to second offline mode; the times when I most want to play ‘phone games are when I don’t have an internet connection! I guess it’s to get the daily challenges, but couldn’t you just cache a week’s worth and repeat them until a new batch can be grabbed? Or have fallback defaults?

    I don’t have a Google Plus account, so don’t care about missing out on the Play Games stuff. (Also, it means I can’t rate the game no matter how often you ask, so if you could remember the answer to the nag screen it would be nice ;) )

    While I’m griping: the loading time is terrible on my Moto G 2nd Gen. I really do enjoy the game, it just feels a bit like it wants to discourage me from playing it.


    Currently, we require an internet connection in order to support features like cloud saving (currently only on Android, coming soon hopefully to iOS), which enables people to play on multiple devices and protects them from save data loss. We also use it for other Internet-based features such as real-time balancing which helps us ensure proper gameplay progression.

    >> if you could remember the answer to the nag screen it would be nice

    We do remember. If you said yes, we don’t ask again. If you said no, we ask a second time some number of games later in case you’ve changed your mind from the first time. We shouldn’t be asking a third time.

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