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    When I expand my game window while I’m in a game (perhaps changing the window from being docked on the side of my screen to taking up the whole screen), the player names stay in the position they occupied when I last loaded the game window. So going from a smaller window to a larget window causes the player names to be in the middle of my window on one side, instead of all around the edges of the window. The names are still clickable, and work as expected, the location is just a tad annoying.

     photo leapdaybugedited.png



    I have tested this just to make sure it is not on her PC only. Same bug. I’m using latest version of Google Chrome. The bug can be fixed by refreshing the leapdaygame,com page.



    On my Mac Firefox, the game behaves even worse under resizes — if I make the window bigger then the draw area gets smaller, and vice versa; and the mouse coordinates don’t update, so that if the window’s been resized then clicks go some other place than where your cursor is.



    The issue has been logged in our bugging system. Thank you for the information!

    -Ray (SFS)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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