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    I’ve bought the game and played it on my phone (android).
    i would like to play on my ipad as well, i’ve just downloaded it but i was wondering if i have to pay twice to play the same game ?!
    Thanks for the help you can provide.


    I’m sorry, but purchases can only be transferred between devices that use the same app market. This means that your existing purchase from Google Play can be transferred between other Android devices that use Google Play as their primary app market, but it won’t transfer to your iPad. Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon’s Appstore do not “talk” to each other, so there’s no way for the game to cross-verify your purchase. You’d have to make a new purchase from iTunes, which can also be applied to any other iOS devices you may own.



    I am afraid you have to pay it again, Android and iOS devices are entirely different not only from its broad platform but also the system for purchases. You cannot bind any purchase product into different platform devices e.i from iOS to Android nor vice versa… but instead you can use multiple devices in one platform, meaning you can install that app on different android devices as many as you want.,, because the system recognize one purchase account details to one email and platform, and same thing with iOS apps.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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