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    On 2013-08-14 beginning at 10pm Pacific Time, one of our 3rd-party partners has planned about 4 hours of downtime while they migrate their systems to new servers. Leap Day is not playable without this partner’s services; so as a result Leap Day will experience the same downtime. The plan is that things will be back up and running by 2am Pacific Time on 2013-08-15. Let’s hope that everything goes smoothly and things come back up on time!

    (Note: The planned downtime was planned well in advance of the unplanned downtime we are currently experiencing. I’m very sorry that we’re going to have downtime twice in two days.)



    Do you have any information about how the unplanned (and the planned) downtimes will affect ongoing games? I had just started a game, and losing two days towards the stars, or two days that could possibly have been left with great chest grinding setups is pretty saddening to me. What will be affected, game wise?



    Well, since this is a migration, the game is presumably down server side as well, so I would guess that time is effectively frozen for all games in progress. This of course assumes that the unplanned downtime wasn’t something catastrophic that makes the games irrecoverable in the first place.



    Turns out, time was not frozen, and games were recoverable. There goes my shot at four stars for Mr. Jones! Ah well, things happen.


    Unfortunately time will not pause during tonight’s downtime either. It will be largely the same as if you simply logged off from the game for 4 hours.

    Example 1: if at 10pm when the servers go down you’d been fighting the boss for 1 hour, if you log in immediately at 2am it will say that you’ve been fighting the boss for 5 hours.

    Example 2: if at 10pm when the servers go down you’d been earning 10K gold per hour (I don’t know what translates to leap days), if you log in immediately at 2am it will say that you have 40K more gold than you did when the downtime started.



    New downtime =(

    this is the third time I’ve been cut off in the middle of a promising Sad Uncle



    oh, we’re back. perhaps the game can be saved!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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