Perfume/Hammers levelup bug

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    According to LeapDayGoods.xml, only the first 4 levels of Perfume use Golden Perfume; after that, it switches over to all Golden Polished Gems, all the time. You’ll probably want to check out Lumber too – if all is normal, then its upgrade also intends to use Golden Perfume.

    Hammers is even stranger – according to LeapDayGoods.xml, it requires the afaik-unobtainable Golden Sceptre, Golden Crown, and Golden Amulet. That’s a big change from the predicted Golden Large Barrel.

    Black Hearts require something that doesn’t seem to exist at all.

    (Why do levelups require different Golden Goods anyhow? I’d thought it was related goods, but instead it seems to be always the next good, related or otherwise.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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