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    Has anyone else noticed performance issues in the last week or so?

    Some of the symptoms I’ve noticed (most prevalent as the map fills up):

    – Adding and removing torches takes 5 to 10 seconds.
    – When holding shift to draw roads and releasing shift and left click, there is some delay. Immediately after releasing the keys, the camera jumps to where I started the drag. Moving the mouse causes the screen to pan, and left and right click don’t do anything. After around 2 to 5 seconds, these effects stop, and suddenly any left or right clicks are registered, adding and removing stuff.
    – When loading the map, I get the “Script not responding” message in both Chrome and Firefox. Ignoring it will allow the map to load.
    – There are moments throughout the day where everything freezes, then suddenly speeds up to catch up.
    – General play, panning, adding/removing objects, switching buildings, and browsing the shop/training lists are laggy
    – Sometimes, not all the trains in a loop appear.
    – Goods that are being transported often appear in the wrong place. For example, suppose an Oak is sitting on a crane. It suddenly appears on top of the train coming up to the crane that would normally pick it up. Then when it goes past the next crane, it’s not picked up by the crane. Then suddenly, the good appears on the next loop over. It makes it hard to judge timing of goods.

    I don’t know if this is unique to me, or if anyone else is noticing these issues. On a full map, it becomes very hard to play. I have a pretty beefy computer, and can run Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, and UDK simultaneously without any issues.



    It’s probably a network issue. When I’ve got it running at work I see some of those issues listed, but when I’m at home it’s never slow.

    And what does holding shift do? Is that some key combination to draw multiple things at once? This and shortcut buttons to access buildings? Where are all of these things in game? How are players supposed to know these things are available?




    I don’t think it’s a network issue. I downloaded a Steam game at 2.5Mb/sec recently. And yes, shift allows you to paint multiple objects, useful for roads.

    I checked the Unity Plugin Container in my task manager, and it takes up anywhere between 900mb and 2.5BG of memory.

    Are there any plans to export the game as Windows/Mac executables? The browser overhead may be killing it for me.



    I took a video of one of the biggest issues, which is the teleporting items.

    Leap Day Lag. It would be best to right click and save-as, since I dont have a streaming server.

    Notice how the Fire Necklace which is being built on the left side of the screen teleports around. At one point, it’s traveling west, which is impossible given the set up. This issue is making the game practically unplayable for me, since I can’t tell what is picking up what and when.



    The issue has been logged in our bugging system. Thank you for the information!

    -Ray (SFS)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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