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    For the most part my opinions and thoughts about RNT just reflect my personal taste in games and don’t need to be discussed, BUT, I have one true gripe about this game.

    Doom Spirits…why , when I have 10 turns left am I not allowed to USE them? Kill me off any way you want when my turns run out, penalize me for dying if you must but please, don’t tell me I have turns when I really don’t!

    There’s a restaurant out in Shoreline (yes, I’m in Seattle) that swears it’s open until 8pm, but won’t let you buy anything after 7:45. It isn’t as if it’s open until 8 for the customers who are already there to finish eating, it’s in a food court that’s open until 11! But, no, “We’re open until 8.” Whatever.


    The appearance of Doom Spirits definitely makes things harder, but it is possible to keep going. Some of the courses of action available to you are:
    – Restrict your actions to rooms without spirits so that the doom spirits won’t kill you. You might be able to save a few more kids or eat some food.
    – Raise your health above 10 and the doom spirits turn back into white spirits.
    – If there is only one doom spirit, step on it and keep going. You’ll take a bit of damage, but perhaps not enough to kill you.
    – Return to the mayor and give up on the remaining children. You may not have saved 100% of the kids, but this is perhaps better than dying.



    Other things of note:

    – If you have a certain item, you can throw doom spirits
    – There is at least one recipe involving doom spirits
    – There is an item that will make doom spirits occur later

    I have had DS show up and managed to pull a victory out, still. It’s not very frequent, especially when I don’t have the item that lets you move them. But as Scott implied, they’re mainly an opportunity for you to go back to the mayor and bail out or try to find some food that you may have overlooked before.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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