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    after a brief exchange with the lovely Scott, just wanted to let people know that currently, as old players are cycled out of Sad Uncle games, their infrastructure is removed automatically as well, so that new players put into the game won’t be confused. (Pretty good idea just for the Uncle imho – also fixes the issue where an old player blocks a tower without filling it.)

    There was a bug connected to that which made it so that if you abandoned an Uncle by your own volition, your stuff would be removed as well, but that’s either already fixed or due to be fixed.

    As a followup, here’s why removing the infrastructure of abandoners in general/outside of Uncles is a terrible idea, so pretty please don’t give it too much implementation thought:

    – It does happen that a player gets very involved for a few days and then leaves or has to leave. At that point, s/he may be delivering gems or key components to other players or boss towers, so removal of that player’s infrastructure would trash everyone’s hard work.
    Between the second-to-last and the last recipe update, there have been a few notorious games that went on for weeks (an 18-day and a 24-day Jones, among others). Not everyone’s cut out for sticking around that long and some people will call it impossible and give up before others. If infrastructure was removed upon abandoning, in cases like these, it would very literally set everyone back by weeks.
    – If the above was possible, it would be a great way to grief if you get into a disagreement with someone during a game, etc.
    – Players sometimes hop around the available games to see how it’s going, who’s in there, if they feel like staying and so on. Or they are invited and check in, even though they can’t or don’t want to stick around. In the course of that, they may leave gems or other needed resources along the border for pickup. This way of helping out would not be possible if everything is removed upon abandoning.

    In case it was never on the table at all, nevermind me. :)



    On a similar topic, I’ve also noticed that the issue most people seem to have on that map is that it requires rings, which requires a trade. It appears that few people, at this stage, are dedicated enough to either stick around or come back, or are coordinated enough to trade with others (in the past few games i was in (while trying to mentor a few new people in the Sad Uncle game)), people were confused by the ring shoppe (and everything else was completed except for the ring tower).

    I’ve noticed a few interested (and potentially long-term) new players in these games, but they end up stuck trying to find someone else coordinated-enough to trade them a gem.

    Would it be possible to throw new people into a game that doesn’t require trading, prior to the Sad Uncle game? This would allow everyone to tackle towers by themselves. If they like what they see, then they can go ahead and enter the Sad Uncle game that requires trading.

    Just a thought.

    This would fix the infrastructure removal issue stated above (since no trades are needed), and would filter some people out of the Sad Uncle game, which would hopefully remove the need for the infrastructure removal in this level.



    The other way to help it might be to put trading back in the tutorial, in whatever form. Right now they hear/see nothing about it I believe. Though that might be hard to teach without, yknow, using language.

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