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    This has happened several times when using a crystal to combine three large churches. They do combine, disappear and the numbers “1000” then “500” pop up – but no credit goes into your “bank”. Very annoying. >:(


    I probably need to ask more questions to figure out what is going on, but let’s start with these:

    1. Which version of Triple Town are you playing? (Facebook, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or the downloadable version on Steam/Mac/Windows)

    2. The pop-up numbers you’ve mentioned sound like they are Points and not Coins. We should only award Coins when you open treasure chests, finish a map, or (in certain versions of the game) combine more than 3 objects. Is the problem that you aren’t receiving Points or that you’re not receiving Coins? If the problem indeed is Coins, could you please let us know whether the treasure chest you opened was colored Silver or Gold?

    3. When you used the Crystal, were there already 3 Cathedrals on the board? Or were there only 2 Cathedrals and the Crystal became the third Cathedral? Or, was there some kind of combination involved (e.g., before using the Crystal there were 2 Cathedrals and 2 small churches, and the Crystal combined with all of these to form a treasure chest)?




    Hi sorry to hijack the thread but I can’t start a topic of my own.

    I can’t use the boom town multiplayer on my iPhone anymore but I can on my iPad?

    It was working all day on my phone and then all of a sudden the option wasn’t there anymore

    My user name is Hanz.

    Thanks alot


    @chandler2911 Please email and let us know more about what you’re observing. Tournaments (which are what enable Multiplayer Boom Town) are supposed to come and go (e.g., one a few weeks ago started on a Sunday at 9am Pacific time and ended 24 hours later); however I thought they were supposed to be either on for everyone or off for everyone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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