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    I just started last week some time, I’m in my third (non-tutorial) game, and I’m getting to the point where I feel hindered by my lack of buildings (and I’m not sure how dependably I can get those through gameplay).

    What things should I buy in the marketplace as a “first purchase” to facilitate my layouts? My first inclination is to drop $10 on the unlimited track and unlimited train station, as I had those in my first game (presumably from beating the tutorial? I dunno) and I didn’t realize then how useful they’d be.

    Also, I see a lot of (admittedly old) mentions of cranes and single-road workers picking up and delivering goods from factories or to the castle, but neither of those seems to work — they both seem sort of like bugs that were ironed out but I want to be sure.



    Hi and welcome!

    Your hunch is absolutely right. If you want to buy something from the market, unlimited track/train station would be my first and foremost recommendation, long before anything else. All the other things are sweet to have, and some are great fun, but a lot of the time, you can work around not having them. Track/train, however, is quite essential.
    If you want to decide on some more things after that, I’d recommend playing a few different medium maps and using the buildings you win there to see what appears most useful to you, it might well be a matter of preference. For me personally, elbow cranes would probably be next on the list.

    The single-road thing has indeed been fixed a long time ago. Sadly it just wasn’t meant to be ;) a flan now needs to move at least 1 tile after picking up a good to be able to deliver it somewhere. I don’t think cranes could ever deliver anything by themselves, but if that was so, then yes, they can’t do that now.



    I should say I tried it myself before looking it up, so I might’ve just lumped them together as “something I read.” :)

    Also, what are all the “bulbous” buildings in this image? I see them a lot and have no way of really knowing what they are…

    I realized what I meant by “factories” above were, in fact, shoppes, and I have no idea what factories are. My castle doesn’t look like that either. I’m guessing they’re older versions, maybe?

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    That is indeed from an older version; you’ll find a lot of out of date stuff in the Tips forum. Those are the old 3-slot and 5-slot factories, they accepted anything rather than having a set recipe. The grey dome is where the output was. If the combination of input resources did not match a known recipe, you got junk out.

    If you haven’t already bought your trains and are only going for 1 type I’d suggest getting hopping trains first (assuming the price is comparable) as they overcome the major weakness of normal trains.



    Hopping trains are more expensive, albeit not by a ton. Regular trains are cheap enough to get with my first set.

    New follow-up: GEMS. I’m deducing that each person has access to one type of gem? That to get the other you need to trade with neighbors? Confirm/deny?

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    Yes. So for rings there needs to be gems from 2 players, necklaces 3 players etc.



    I would go bigger with track, hopping trains and worker duplex. as the basic package, it really adds alot of flexibility in building for the more complex items.

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