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    Soooo I’m newly hooked on triple town, I was even considering dressing up as a ninja bear for Halloween.
    I have access to a credit card but thought checking out the offers for free gold instead of either earning it ,or buying it ,
    could be an idea..
    Ended up signing up for something called multipass . (Not the real name but my passion for the 5th element blocks my
    brain from adding another word too similar) Led me to adding real player and a bunch of other stuff anyways .
    And now the question is;
    Where is my gold ???!!!
    I know the 1rst offer I tried was Netflix that I been with for a year and it looks sneaky
    but I was actually hoping I had found a loophole to access the USA Netflix..

    SO…. Like a pathethic and obsessed leprechaun, who needs help to build more than big churches, I beg ya ,
    Amicably and tad a bear junky,
    Miss Sorbet …
    But. If you get me my tons of gold. .
    You can call me Pink. ;)


    Hey there! If you didn’t get your free gold for completing an offer, please contact Tapjoy’s customer support (they’re the ones who provide the offers) and they should be able to assist you. Here’s their contact form:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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