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    So, props to the designers, after playing this game for months, I finally sprung for unlimited turns recently. I had avoided doing so for a long time as I viewed limited turns as a natural way to limit my playing time, forcing me to be ‘casual’ about my gaming…well, so much for that.

    i understand that the piece generator is random (based on some posts I read elsewhere) but it sure is annoying when your game gets ‘swamped’ by ninjas (7+). If i’m early in a game I will often just give up (or practice trying to kill ninjas by filling the board) but on high point runs, the board tends to already be filled with pieces and filling the empty spaces tends to be a strategy from which one cannot recover (as far as i can tell).

    i just finished a very painful game (score 5.9M or so) where the last several hundred moves consisted of repeatedly undoing moves to try and manage piece placement in the setting of 7-9 ninjas at almost all times. (of course, now that I have unlimited moves, i have the coins to spend on Undo, but it doesn’t make for a very fun playing experience. In part because the process of undoing moves is somewhat tedious, the animation of the coin menu takes just a fraction of a second longer than I’d like. :P)

    In general I like the dimension of luck (piece generation) that is part of the game, but otoh it does seem capricious that if probabilities end up towards one tail of the distribution (ending up with 8 ninjas on the board) one has to wait for an equally unlikely series of bots appearing to get back to “normal.”

    one thought would be to change probability weights based on the number of ninjas? ie if I’m dealing with 8 ninjas, it sure would be helpful for a bot (or 7) to come along sooner rather than later.

    or perhaps I’m reaching the natural limit of the game’s mechanics? But still thinking about how to crack the all-time leaderboard!



    5.9M is an impressive score! Nicely done :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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