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    I like playing the normal map – it’s an interesting challenge to manage the bears while building up as best as you can around them.

    But the Ninjas don’t need to be there. On most games I play, I just don’t get anywhere near the number of robots as ninjas – maybe my bad luck. I think there is enough random factor in the game with not knowing what the next item is, I don’t need this additional mostly unkillable random hopping around menace.

    I’ve been playing the peaceful village just to get away from it, but I kind of like managing the regular bears.

    This just me? Can we have an option to turn off the Ninjas on the normal map?



    Spolier alert. Stop reading now if you don’t like spoilers: Robots aren’t the only way to kill the Ninja Bears. You can also match them up with regular bears by using a crystal. I found this out entirely by chance on my last go of my first game. They also die if they can’t move – so if your move fills up the board but then matches 3 of something so that it’s not Game Over :-)



    Actually you can’t match them up with regular bears, so something else (something complex) must have happened when that seemed to happen. Found that out the hard way tonight :-/ I was one move away from my first flying castle. I think. Don’t really know how to make one yet, but combing 4 regular castles seemed like a likely way.


    @polstein Another map you can try is the “Training Mode” map. It’s a 6×7 map with normal bears but without ninja bears. It’s also happens to be one of my personal favorites.

    @marsmite You’re right; you can kill ninja bears without imperial bots. But it’s not by matching them (with a crystal or otherwise). Bears of both types (normal and ninja) turn into tombstones when they are unable to move. Ninjas move by jumping to any empty square on the map, so the way to make ninjas unable to move is to fill the board. Ordinarily a full board means Game Over; however, if there are 3 or more tombstones next to each other when this happens, they’ll combine to form a church and free up some space so you can continue playing. My guess is that, in your first game, the crystal you placed happened to have nothing to match with, so it turned into a rock. This filled the board, causing all bears and ninjas to die, and some of the resulting tombstones combined into a church so that you could continue playing. Your crystal probably also turned into a rock in the second game you mentioned; however, this time the tombstones were not in the right position to form a church, and as a result the game ended.

    @marsmite This picture shows you how to make a floating castle: . As you’ll see, you only need 3 objects for almost everything except the Triple Castle. If you were able to combine 4 regular castles, you’d have instead created a “super” floating castle (more points, different graphic).

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