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    Hello, i started playing this game quite days ago, and i find it very fun, currently i have found out that my deck is poorly made, but i do not know how to reduce the quantity of it, i find myself hardly winning if not down right lose against player with skills over 200 and more.

    if its possible i would like some tips about how to tune my deck. i find blight quite expensive for what it gives but am forced to use it as only my hard hitter at all, since dogs side, i only have 2 hard hitters only if they are beside weak dogs not including my commander which i think i kinda messed up.


    Deck aside there are a few things im wondering:
    1. Is the only way to get gems is from daily quests and KotH?
    2. what does The commander pack gives exactly? can i use those comanders from the pack even if i dont have the 2nd combander slot open?
    3. if i want to get the “key” cards for the army, should i save for core deck pack and commanders pack? or stay with faction pack.

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    Sorry i messed up the HTML, im kinda new in this :P here is the 2nd pic



    Blight is a great unit, but he is also the most expensive unit in the game (unless you decide to build a Commander who costs more than 20 resources to hire).

    Do you have any Kren? He’s a Dog unit who costs 7 wood to hire, and has 7 Windfall (sells for 7 wood). It can be pretty difficult to bring out Blight without at least one Kren.

    First and foremost, you need to reduce the number of units in your deck, drastically. Larger decks are harder to control. You end up not having what you need when you need it. In general, the smaller a deck is, the better. Some decks really need to be as big as 20 units, and some decks you can get away with being as small as the minimum 14 units, but most of the time you probably want to shoot for somewhere between 16 and 18 units.

    Here are some units that you should definitely remove:

    Rowa: Unless you are making a rush deck, you never want to have a unit in your deck who can be afforded on the first turn but who can’t produce any resources that you can use. You always draw at least one unit that you can afford on your first turn, but if you have a unit like Rowa in your deck, his lack of resource production can set you way behind your opponent. He just isn’t worth the risk unless you are building a rush deck.

    Duncan: Get rid of both of them. You don’t really need the attack, and he is a bad value for his back row Wood production.

    Here are some units that you should strongly consider removing:

    Rohk (and/or Oberos): If you do use Rohk, it should almost always only be for his 1 wood production in the front row, not his Transform. Ob can transform into Rohk which is always a good combo, but your goal is to reduce your number of units, so I recommend just ditching both Rohk’s. I’d also recommend getting rid of Oberos as well, but since you don’t have a 2nd Kil yet, you may want to keep at least one other unit who costs 1 resource and can produce at least one wood. So either keep one of the two Rohk’s, or keep your one Oberos. Just decide whether you’d rather have that unit produce their wood in the back row (Oberos) or the front row (Rohk).

    Ench: Your goal is to reduce your number of units, and with a smaller deck, you don’t usually need extra Recruit as much. At a minimum, I would recommend you get rid of at least 1 Ench, but you should probably consider getting rid of both. Try your deck with 1 Ench, and then with no Ench’s, and see which one fits your play style better.

    Myter: He’s a soldier, which means he can buff your Dog’s Dogpack abilities, but he’s not a great producer. In a pinch, you could use your Slog’s to help buff your Dog’s Dogpack abilities instead, and Slog’s are much better producers. Speed and resource production are going to be way more valuable to you, so even though Myter’s attack is nice, you should probably ditch him.

    So if you do all of that, your deck should look something like this:
    15 units:
    1 Commander
    2 Ob
    2 Diug
    1 Kil
    1 Roko
    2 Slog
    2 Mag
    1 Doken
    2 Ansel
    1 Blight

    Now since you don’t have any Kren yet, you may want to also consider adding some more producers, namely 1 or 2 Powell. These can help bridge the gap to Blight, and provide a little extra Dogpack as well.

    What you want to do in the early game is focus as much as you can on your economy production, because the sooner you get out Blight, the sooner you can start trying to win the game. If you are up against a rush army, you can start focusing more on getting Ansel’s into your front row with supporting Dog’s surrounding them, as getting Blight out will usually take too long.

    You’ve nearly got enough units for a very solid Blight/Dog deck. Keep getting those 200 gem Wood boosters. These are the main units that you are going to want to watch out for to improve this deck:

    1 more Kil
    1 more Roko
    1 more Blight
    1 more Gumil
    1 or 2 Kren

    Once you have at least 1 Kren, you may want to consider getting rid of one or both Powell’s.

    In the future, you may also consider seeing how your deck does without the Mag’s, or without Doken, but for now I’d leave them in. Also, that Commander isn’t going to be the biggest help to that army, but I’m not focusing much on it because I assume you have it in there mainly to level it up. I wrote a guide a while back with some tips about planning Commanders, which may help you build those future Commanders that you are working on unlocking:

    As a comparison, here is the Blight/Dog deck that I am currently running. I don’t have a 2nd Kren yet, but I’d probably use it if I had it. The Commander has 2 Arrow in his front row and costs 8 resources to hire:



    Wow thanks a lot for the reply, it helps me a lot :D
    i still don’t really understand the commanders pack thing tho..
    Still thanks a lot for the big help, i really appreciated it



    The discussion in this topic touches on Commander packs a little

    Basically what Commander Packs contain are any unit that has come out from the time that Commanders were added to the game onward.

    If you go to the Highgrounds Matrix site and go to the ‘In Game’ sorting tab (linked here ), every from Remi onwards is a part of the Commander pack. You can also go the the Version tab, and any unit in a version from 1.40 onwards (1.40 and 1.53 currently) is a part of the Commander pack, but that’s just a different way of sorting the same thing.

    I’d recommend that you stick with the 200 gem Wood boosters. They are a better value for getting common, uncommon, and even rare units, with the added perk that you won’t get units for a faction that you aren’t trying to get. IMO, Core packs are only really worth it once you have most or all of the commons and uncommons, and a lot of the rares, for all 3 factions. You may get an Ultra Rare every couple of 200 gem packs anyways, but you’re guaranteed one in the 400 gem packs, and you also get a nice chance at a Legendary, which you can’t get in a 200 gem pack.

    The Commander pack is only really worth it if you really want some specific units from that smaller pool. You are more likely to get those units since it’s a smaller pool, but you’ll miss out on a lot of other great units, and if you already have a lot of the Commander units you’ll be even more likely to get more extras of units you already have 2 of. The biggest perk of the Commander pack IMO is that you have a higher chance of snagging a Legendary than in the regular Core packs, but personally most of my favorite Legendary units aren’t in the Commander packs, only the Core packs.



    I’d use Myter. A second Dog Healer for defense, if you have it. Slog isn’t too appealing to me as a front since he lost his defense.

    Myter can give 5 to 8 extra attack, isn’t TOO useless if bought early and left in the back, and can be sold for 2W next turn if you couldn’t really buy much this turn.



    Myter definitely isn’t a bad unit, especially to use with Dogs. I’m just concerned about how he’ll affect the flow of the deck for getting Blight out, which is going to be necessary to deal with a lot of decks. But, like Doken, he’s definitely worth playing around with, to see what suits your play style.

    I would also consider putting in that Marsh of yours, now that the ability Guardian no longer knocks your unit out when it goes off, but merely wounds it. Marsh is now a very great unit, a great producer (equal to Gumil, Wood’s best 6 cost producer), and he has a lot of other great stuff as well. In the back row, his only downside is that he may wound himself with Guardian before you can produce, but as long as you have Healers above him that’s no problem, and he can then actually be better than Gumil since he is protecting you from taking too much city damage. In the front row, he’s basically always useful, since if you win a battle (and have a Commander on the field) he does 2 extra damage to your opponents city, while if you lose the battle he can block up to 2 damage from your own city.

    Basically the only times that Marsh isn’t super useful in the front row are if you win a battle and don’t have your commander out yet (in which case you really should have had him in the back row still), or if you lose a battle but only take 1 HP of damage (Guardian can’t block the first point of city damage each turn). But the Commander thing would be your own fault, and the taking 1 HP damage thing isn’t such a big deal because A) Marsh won’t even wound himself if your city only takes 1 HP of damage and therefor Guardian doesn’t even trigger, and B) you’d take a minimum of 1 damage per turn even if Guardian were going off, so it’s not like you are surviving any shorter because you took that 1 damage.



    Whoops, I was thinking of another unit when I typed that Marsh could block two points of damage to your city. Still, his 1 Guardian blocking you HP of damage is still really good.

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