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    Leap Day has gone live on some new portals. The hope is that this new influx of players gives us data on how new users react to some of our revised tutorials. Ideally it will also increase the community size and give long term players more people to play with.

    However, the launch hasn’t been perfect. :-) A lot of higher level folks are seeing issues with mentor requests being spammed.

    1) We’re working on fixing the mentor spam. It’s only supposed to show one request at a time, but it looks like many are queueing up at around the same time, and you have to click through all of them.

    2) We intentionally reduced the mentor gold to prevent potential griefing (completing the map as mentor before the new player can do it). If you are a mentor for someone who has abandoned, you can abandon the map yourself.

    Appreciate the patience! A lot of new players are going to be fumbling about as they learn the game for the first time. Each one you manage to convert to a long term fan of Leap Day increases the chance of Leap Day growing in the future.

    Thank you!



    What are they learning in the prior steps of the tutorial? Not sure what they are supposed to have learnt by that stage now.

    Also, the static part of the mentors setup, where they are cashing-in to the palace, perhaps gives the new player the wrong impression on what to do. They typically always start off by building income setups (unless they need to be doing that? Not sure what they’re starting with), rather building the bread near the boss.


    Cake of Pain

    The new tutorial tries to guide the user through a series of goals in that mentor map… starting with placing a road, moving on to more complex tasks (deliver a good to palace, craft something), and then finally on to finishing the boss. One likely improvement is showing the mentor what task the new user is currently trying to perform.

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    Aha! That explains so much! :)
    I imagine there is a bit of confusion when these “Mentor” people come in and tell them to stop what they’re doing and move towards the boss.



    Yeah, that… would have been good to know that they’re receiving the tutorial all the while we’re sitting there trying to tell them to make that one boss bread.



    Ah. I’ve always been confused as to why they all start trying to deliver things to their own castle. Now I know.

    One quirk I’ve found in the Sad Uncle games now is that people seem to place towers right beside their castle. Why… would they ever think to do that?

    In this game (at this point in time), two separate people are doing that:

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    Cake of Pain

    Don’t make me dig up an observer link from your first game ;)

    I’ll try to get something in the chat that shows what step a user is trying to complete.




    You could also include an observer link to any of my current games. I have no idea what i’m doing in any of those, either… 6_6



    I just tried out a mentor game, and the steps shown in the chat window are a nice touch!


    Cake of Pain

    Thanks for letting us know it was a problem!



    I have been trying to mentor as well but it seems most folks are lost still. I have noticed that the map drops golden goods with spirits,bread and rings have dropped. Is this intentional?



    One thing that would really really help is putting in a step that shows them the chat button. I have spent countless minutes and half hours spamming Navi like “Hey! Listen!” stuff into there just to have them log off and never return.


    Cake of Pain

    There’s a hint that’s supposed to appear every now and then if there’s unread chat. Keep in mind that most of the new users we were getting last week probably don’t speak English.



    I’ve noticed that a lot of users don’t appear to speak English. In the mentoring games, I’ve often resorted to try and “mime” out tips to others, in the form of drawing arrows with homes, and mimicking what is required by dropping similar tracks.

    It’s rather excruciating not being able to tell people, “just place a house here”, or “remove this one piece of track”, and you’ll beat the level.

    Would it be possible to have a way to ping the map, similar to if they were to click on a pin from the chat? That way, even if they aren’t paying attention, you could just ping an arrow above a tile in hopes that they can understand that something needs to happen there.



    Oh, one more thing… I’ve noticed that, in the Sad Uncle game, it seems like people (who do speak English) don’t realize that you’re talking to them in the Chat. We call them out by their names, which are often automatically assigned… but they might not associate those names with themselves. Would it be possible to get them to enter a name prior to this, so at least they’re aware of what they’re called?

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