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    I just notice the new shield, scepter, shield and ring things under the special section of my vault. Are those the brick factories? Since I only have 50 and don’t know what they are for I hesitate to use them. Especially since they take up a custom slot.


    Cake of Pain

    These are the new factories for rings/necklaces/etc, now that 3 and 5 item factories have been removed.



    I suggest using them (me and 2 other people used those ring factories and ended up making 4 arm parties using the old recipes)


    Cake of Pain

    I believe those were bugged versions… older games (with the old recipes) will have ring factories that produce far too many rings.



    My remaining bit of confusion regarding the new ring/etc. factories: all gem items can be made ingame using “new” recipes at the moment (2 different gems=ring, ring+gem=necklace, etc), which allows, at least in theory, all gem items to be made between two people and is generally far easier (too easy, imo) than the old method.

    What incentive is there to use the new factories that use the old recipes (and thus require collecting gems from a lot more different players) over the new recipes? (Currently none, I think.)



    Missed edit window – here’s another thing:
    The new factories (shops) do not take into account the gems that are worth more than 40 gold, while the miser factory does. So, for example, for a ring made from sapphire and silver from the new factory, I get 120 gold. For the same ring from the miser/basic factory, I get 135 gold.



    It looks like now if you want to make anything with gems you are forced to use the shops.

    One complaint about that that I have is that you are unable to specify the output slot. Part of the benefit/fun of using regular factories is getting a setup to work for high tiered rings or necklaces that, due to resource placement or trade delivery, might be impossible to do with the set output of a shop.

    It also, I feel, adds to the confusion for new players, since you now have factories that take input from all the other items, but completely ignore gems.



    Latest gem item complaint from me: Stone Rings are now worth more than Stone Necklaces, and Poison Rings more than Poison Necklaces, while bland Rings are less than bland Necklaces, and Fire Rings less than Fire Necklaces. That doesn’t seem right.

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    It happens because there’s a value buff for being a terminal item, one that can’t be crafted into anything else.

    The proper fix would be to add a sundial-like item for each of Poison Rings and Stone Rings to craft into, adjusting their prices accordingly.



    I agree that the ability to rotate the output of these shield/necklace factories is a must. It simply makes no sense that they operate differently from regular factories, and makes a game like Ye Dark Lorde very difficult when the black heart is to the north, while the gems are coming from the south. :P

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    Working on a way to make the ring shops and other crafting buildings rotate. They are supposed to be easier to use, but the lack of rotation makes them harder in some orientations. :-)

    New players will get crafting buildings first (you get a bunch if you go through the tutorial) and should have enough that they don’t need to use factories at all for the first few multiplayer games. Definitely another experiment we are trying out. The hope is that crafting buildings become an interesting collectible with all sorts of odd benefits.

    We’ll see how this all turns out. Appreciate any testing you can do on them…what works well? What could be improved?



    The first thing I desperately want improved for crafting buildings is to say the recipe while they’re in the vault, before I decide to ship them to the world. That way I can tell if it’s a normal recipe (e.g. Joy Potion Apothecary) or a special one (e.g. Bakery, Hammer of Time), and if special, whether it’s something I can arrange for.

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