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    Hm. Thanks for your reply; so I guess it really is a matter of taste.

    Don’t misunderstand, I’m not complaining that the game is too hard now in general – it’s not, and difficulty is great – it’s the type of difficulty and how it scales.
    (And I disagree that the game wasn’t hard before – sure, stacking statues wasn’t hard, nor was it interesting, but I loved the 5-slot Jones game for example, and it’s not like shield items and such were easy. Twins always had a chance of failure because of not making that damn Shadow crown fast enough, and such.)
    Before, I could go about this game with intuition, try things, derp around a lot and eventually it would work out. You’re right, I think, that now it’s more about carefully planning it out, and that’s most likely just not my game, it feels limiting to me beyond the pure brains. We’ll see what happens over time, I guess.
    Thanks again for your input.



    I can handle the changes as they come but this recipe change has me wanting to scream. Our starting money is not enough to make worthwhile, higher gold items. The recipes have gotten easier yet more complex as you need many many factories to make something that only brings you 150 in gold. I personally think that as the recipes have tweaked (maiking them both harder and easier at the same time) the gold needs to follow or else the cost of things, especially fire towers.



    @silverthorn : i am sorry that you don’t like the game now as much as you did before… Maybe you could make some proposition that would improve the fun of the game from your point of view ?

    @raetonycass : i agree that making a good starting income can be quite tricky right now. Personnaly i don’t mind. But the thing that feel strange to me is that you get the most starting gold on the harder map (you get 200k for Mr Sophisto while you get 300k for Mr Jones). This really does not make sense to me. Building large income with limited ressources is hard to achieve. In my opinion it should not been asked to beginners. Starting gold could be 500k for easy game, 400k for medium, 300k for hard and 200k for expert one, what do you think about that ?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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