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    Downtime August 24th, 2013

    Doing some additional moving in activities, so the server will be offline intermittently today. Nothing serious, and I wouldn’t anticipate more than a few hours of downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience!



    Service Restored

    All should be well at this point. As always, let me know if something goes awry.




    Everything seems online here, keep up the good work!



    Hay zerack,

    recipes have changed, the grovelling masses would like an update.



    I just ran an update, and all appears functional – let me know if things don’t line up!

    I haven’t been playing much lately, but I’m definitely still watching here :)



    Hey Zerack,

    Great job on this site, I use it often. I was wondering if you have put any thought into displaying the required elements to level up the recipes. That right now if the thing I am constantly checking to see what I need to build in order to get a chance at a golden good to level up.



    Hey, thanks for using the site!

    That’s definitely something to consider. In truth I haven’t been doing much work on the site lately since I started my new job, but I’m starting to get the itch for some new development. I’ll keep the upgrade costs in mind when I’m working on the site next.


Viewing 7 posts - 106 through 112 (of 112 total)

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