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    Updates Ahoy!

    Alright, so there’s some cool new stuff going on in Recipedia Land! I’ve re-enabled the detailed goods view (and the tree view!), and it should be consistent with everything that you see on the main page. In addition, you’ll notice that your URL bar changes while you make level selections on the main index page. These URLs can be bookmarked to return you to the exact state you’re in at that time. This should be useful for saving personal builds, or for sharing links to things.

    Everything, everywhere, is fully aware of what level and recipe selections you have made. Levels carry over to the detailed goods page not just for that good, but for all the other goods you have made changes to. If at any point you need to “reset” back to zero, for now you can just remove everything past “”, and that’ll put you right. I’ll add a button for this in the future.

    All of the tooltips are updated to show the level of the item they are linking to, as a reminder of how you are currently configured. I am aware of an issue with Internet Explorer where tooltips don’t show correctly in the tree view – I’ll work to see what I can figure out, but it probably won’t be for a week or two at this point. Again, tested this quickly in IE8-10, Firefox, Chrome, and it all seems to work pretty well.

    Let me know if you have any problems, and I’ll try and take a look tomorrow.

    I’m still hoping for more detailed information (see above) about recipe scaling, several item costs, and a potential FLAPI (Flan API). Let me know!



    oh sweet! with tree view now I have some hope of learning how to make a desk!

    gonna have recipe level buttons on the goods page?



    I’d like to, yes. However, that presents the hurdle of re-drawing the tree view when recipes change, which would require a rather large rewrite of decent chunks of the code. It’s certainly possible though, and something I’d like to do.

    I’ve noticed that in some browsers, the beziers in the tree view don’t render for super large items (looking at you, Black Heart). I wonder if the canvas is too large at that point – it’s probably eating more memory than it needs to, and I need to figure out a different way to present things.



    Zerack, you continue to amaze. As you point out, many of the trees are quite large now. If it is easy to do, I would find great value in being able to enlarge the tree in a large browser window. I keep scrolling back and forth for even medium-tier items.



    The thing I’d like to see, after which I’d have no further need of my Temporary Recipedia, is the levelup costs.



    @qonen – Oh, a popout view sounds like an excellent idea. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

    @Eskay – That’s definitely on my list. The important information to me is cost, and some indication of whether an upgrade increases multiplier / decreases multiplier or increases recipe ingredients, etc. Just so things are easily visible at a glance.

    I’m traveling / moving / starting a new job now and this coming week, so I’ll try to update as I’m able. As always, I appreciate the feedback!



    Site Unavailable

    I’m taking my site down as I post this, to move to a new residence. I won’t be able to host the site again until at least August 18th. There’s a possibility that an alternate version / mirror will materialize in the near / far future, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise or give anyone away, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit for that.

    In the mean time, Eskay’s temporary recipedia should still be functional, so I invite you to check it out. I’ll still be on the internet via phone and hotel wireless this coming week, but won’t be able to make any code changes.

    Cheers (and sorry for the inconvenience!)




    Good luck with moving, Zerack :)



    According to my Internet service provider, my modem has died and I won’t have a new one until sometime later this week. Meantimes I hope y’all can make do with the in-game recipedia. =\



    Back up. Word is it’s slow though.



    Back Online

    Alright! I’m moved into my new place and server is up. Or at least, it appears to be. As always, the link is Let me know if anything appears shaky or wrong. It’s definitely possible that the site will go randomly offline at some point for technical reasons. I’ll post more as stability improves.

    For technical folks: I’m now on a dynamic IP, and the Fios router doesn’t support the dynamic DNS provider I’m using out of the box. I need to do some router juggling and such tomorrow evening to get things more solid.

    Happy leaping!

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    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! :) I have missed it! :)



    Thanks Zerack, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this to come back up!

    One question I had for the devs:
    While going through today and noting the patterns of recipe progression, I’ve been grouping them into three categories (Value, Simplify, Ramp). Value is a straight increase in multiplier, Simplify is a reduction in production difficulty, and Ramp is an increase production difficulty. Generally, simplify and ramp goods seem balanced by a direct parallel between multiplier and difficulty. That said, I’ve noticed a several exceptions (especially among the higher tier recipes) where a good becomes both easier to produce AND more valuable. A few examples include Crockpot, Arm Party, Porcelain Statue, and Shadow Sceptre.

    I haven’t had a chance to verify in game yet, but assuming these are all the case, could someone advise if these were an oversight or intended?



     photo Captured.png

    on the left the items are collapsed in to one branch. On the right there are five branches when there could be one branch with a x2 and another with a x3? Is this something you’re going to move towards or is there a reason it should remain this way?



    I definitely would like to combine those. The site as it stands today is the BARE minimum I had to do to get things working with the golden chest / recipe levels update. The existing multiple-condensing code was designed originally to only work with statues / gems, so it isn’t affected what you see there.

    It won’t be hard to update the code to condense as you’ve asked, but I have to do it. I have the server set up, but my development machine isn’t setup yet and won’t be for a bit longer yet. If I get really motivated maybe I can use a different machine, but I can’t pull code down onto this laptop since it’s work-owned.

    I’m not dead though – I definitely promise I’ll be updated this as required, and ESPECIALLY if prices and costs change, I’ll try and get things going ASAP.

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