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    We have a major update incoming. I’ll post a preview of the changes probably this weekend with the hope of releasing early next week. There will actually be some trickiness for your online Recipedia we’ll need to think through and perhaps discuss the best solution. This should make sense after an update post.

    Sorry for the lack of heads up on the data change. It slipped my mind that you were auto-pulling.




    No problem! That’s why I get emails from my nightly jobs in the first place.

    I was just curious as to what was going down, since I didn’t see anything reflecting the XML changes in game. I haven’t been actually _playing_ the game too much, but will definitely try to update the Recipedia when new things are introduced.

    Looking forward to the preview of the new system(s)!




    So there are a ton of big updates going around, and I have no idea what is happening! I’m on vacation until Friday afternoon, at which point I’ll take a nice detailed look at what’s going on.

    It seems that the biggest change is going to be the need to alter recipe display per-prince. Displaying recipes for a “base” prince won’t be hard, but hopefully I can coordinate with the developers to figure out the best way to figure out data transfer for each individual prince. I’ll try to have more of an update late on Friday when I start figuring out the systems that’ll be required.

    @colemanpants – Let me know what you might / might not be thinking of for making prince data available via API, or some other method. I’ll try to think about what might be most useful for me, if that’ll be any help :) Regardless though, I won’t be able to spend any time on this until I’m back from vacation on Friday.

    Looking forward to trying out the new system!



    Meantimes, folks can use this hacked-together temporary page:
    Leap Day Temporary Recipedia



    Questions / Solicitations

    Alright, I’ve started poking around the game some more, and there are some things I’d like to get figured out before I dive too deeply into this. Additionally, I’d love for the devs to weigh in on a few (minor) changes to the XML, as well as the possibility of getting individual prince data in some manner.

    Recipes – Minor Levels
    Devs, would it be possible to get the formulas for the minor level scaling for recipes? As it stands, the XML only contains information for each of the major upgrades, so it would be difficult to accurately reconstruct data for all 30 levels of a recipe. That is, unless I’m misunderstanding, the XML doesn’t explicitly show that the first upgrade for Barrels increases the value to 13, nor does it show a figure for the amount to increase by.

    A little clarification for me, as well – each recipe has only a single upgrade path, from Level 0 to Level 30, right? That is, you can’t “skip” major upgrades and just keep increasing the value slightly for a given recipe, can you? If so, that adds a whole new level of complexity.

    XML – Flavor Text
    Devs, the flavor text for goods appears to have fallen out of the XML. Would it be possible to re-add this to the XML file? I see the flavor / title text for the shopkeepers, and that’s great! I look forward to including that on my site. However, I’d love to also have the flavor text for the goods.

    Prince Data
    So now we come to the sticky part. I’d love to have all recipes browsable in a general sense, but I’m sure it would be beneficial to people if they could view a recipedia online that matched their Prince(s). While I could make a large “choose your level” type input, it would be much easier if I could retrieve the recipe level information for a prince right from a server. The most ideal would be something like (for example):


    Some sort of structured response (XML? JSON?) would be amazing here. Combining this information with the aforementioned minor / major level recipe information would allow me to build a custom recipedia on the fly for every user, which I think is what is needed to keep the site valuable and accessible. Alternatively, as was mentioned in a forum post somewhere, a copy and pasted hexadecimal code representing recipe level configuration could be set up. This would be a bit more difficult, as the meaning of old codes could change when recipes changed, and active communication would be needed to make sure I knew how to correctly interpret these hex codes. It would also require interface elements in the game, which are likely undesirable.

    I’m not sure if this is possible, but it would definitely be a great help to users looking for an out of game recipedia alternative!

    Other Thoughts
    I’m moving this coming week (August 9th), and won’t have internet again until the following weekend (August 17th). I’m working with Eskay to arrange temporary hosting for the recipedia, so hopefully if we get something updated by then, I’ll be able to make that available. In the meantime, do check out his temporary recipedia – it has information on all of the major recipe upgrades, at least!

    Please let me know what you think (devs and players!). I’m excited to update my site to be compatible with the updated game.



    More Questions / Item Calculation Puzzlement

    Alright! I’m making good progress on getting a rough version of the Recipedia up and running. The first version is likely to just allow you to modify levels of recipes and view the associated statistic changes. I’m hoping to have something like that up tonight or tomorrow evening (maybe).

    I have however run into a few more questions in my massaging of data. They are:

    Display Name
    Devs – I noted in my previous post that the Description field was no longer present in XML. It appears that Display Name has also gone missing. Can we get this added back to the XML, please? This would be super helpful.

    Talent Points – Totals
    Do we know how many _total_ talent points can be earned by a level 100 Flan? This will help me in limiting level selections in my eventual recipedia feature(s). Also, do all upgrades cost one talent point, or do some cost more than one? For non-major upgrades, how can we calculate this, as it isn’t present in the XML?

    Prices – Curry, Porcelain, Fine Lumber
    So, as far as I can tell, the prices for these three items as given in the XML / in game (for Level 0 recipes) are inaccurate. I’ll go through my math in a moment, but the result is that I can’t accurately calculate prices for ~30 goods in my Recipedia, since everything has to be calculated dynamically now that recipes can affect costs through the whole chain of production. I _think_ I have figured out how things are calculated, as every single other ingredient lines up flawlessly, but I can’t reconcile these three. I’ll address them one by one:

    Curry (Level 0):
    Listed Price: 205g
    Ingredients: Bricks, Bricks, Spices, Spices, Spices

    Alright, so Curry has two ingredients – Bricks and Spices. Let’s start with Spices, since it is easier. Spices requires a Food and a Stone, which is 10 + 18 = 28 total value. Spices has a multiplier of 1.5, which brings the total value of Spices to 42. No rounding is required here. Next is Bricks. Level 0 Bricks take only a single stone (value 18) and have a multiplier of 1.2, giving us 18 * 1.2 = 21.6. In the Recipedia, Bricks (Level 0) are listed as 22g, which is the ceiling(21.6). Now, if we take these values (42, 22) and add them for Curry, we get 22 + 22 + 42 + 42 + 42 = 170g. The multiplier for Curry is 1.2, so 170 * 1.2 = 204. This value, 204, is one less than the given 205g in the game.

    I cannot figure out how to fudge the math to get 205g for the value of Curry. If we assume that ceiling() is being applied, I just need any value > 170 before applying the 1.2 factor, but I still can’t figure out how to get it. Spices works out evenly to 42, and 22 for Bricks is already ceilinged(). As a result, any item that uses Curry in its chain shows up as several gold less in my own calculations than it does in the game.

    Porcelain (Level 0):
    Listed Price: 397g
    Ingredients: Fired Bricks x5

    Alright, Porcelain is in much the same situation. We start by turning Stone into Bricks, which as discussed with Curry gives us Bricks at 21.6 (22g). Next, we have to make Fired Bricks. Fired Bricks require 2x Bricks and have a multiplier of 1.5, so we get 22 * 2 * 1.5 = 66g exactly. The final step to make Porcelain is to combine 5x Fired Bricks, which should give us 66 * 5 * 1.2 = 396g with Porcelain (Level 0)’s 1.2 multiplier. This is again a single gold lower than the final result in the in game Recipedia.

    I can’t figure this math out either. Even with aggressively applying ceiling() to all values, I can’t get 397g to come out of the equation(s). I hope we can figure out why this is like this!

    Fine Lumber (Level 0):
    Listed Price: 937g
    Ingredients: Black Lumber x4

    Finally, Fine Lumber has the same problem. We can go through all of the same math if you’d like, but the prices of Wood, Oak, Black Oak, Black Lumber, and Fine Lumber (in order) I calculate to be 15g, 18g, 54g, 194.4g (195g), and 936g. Again, 936 is one shy of the given 937 value, and I can’t see how I would arrive at 937 from the given values.

    Devs, can you advise on this? It only appears to affect these three items (and then of course everything crafted from the items), but it makes it tough to provide accurate figures on my Online Recipedia. Similarly, if anyone can figure out how these calculations are being performed in a way that I’m missing, I’d appreciate it. I can continue working on other things in the meantime, but I need to resolve this before I can provide a useful Recipedia again.

    Other Thoughts (Again)
    As I mentioned above, I’ll try to have something usable in the next day or two. I can’t guarantee accuracy of items affected by the above list, though, so we’ll have to see how that pans out.

    I appreciate your feedback!



    New Version!

    There’s a new version of the recipedia available at Leap Day Recipedia. This includes updated recipes, as well as the ability to toggle between active recipe levels and see the effect on other recipes. This is a super rough cut – there’s a lot of interface cleanup that I’d like to do, and the individual good pages need to be totally reworked (they are disabled currently). However, I thought it important to get something out there and let people start playing with it.

    I’ve added a column “Mult” to the main page, which displays the total cumulative multiplier for a given item, based on the final value and the base materials. Let me know if it seems useful.

    Developers (and others) – I’m still looking for answers / updates on my two previous posts, so any information you can share there is appreciated.

    Happy Leaping!



    A little clarification for me, as well – each recipe has only a single upgrade path, from Level 0 to Level 30, right? That is, you can’t “skip” major upgrades and just keep increasing the value slightly for a given recipe, can you?

    I have neither seen nor heard of any way to “skip” a level.

    Also, do all upgrades cost one talent point, or do some cost more than one? For non-major upgrades, how can we calculate this, as it isn’t present in the XML?

    “GOODS/GOOD/MinorUpgradeDesc/SkillPoints/@value” appears to be the talent cost for all the minor levels until the next major level. Currently all 1. I haven’t heard of any other value.

    I noted in my previous post that the Description field was no longer present in XML. It appears that Display Name has also gone missing. Can we get this added back to the XML, please?

    In the meantime, can you join with an old copy on “GOODS/GOOD/Key/@value”?

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    Thanks for your work, Zerack; I have an initial observation that might point at a bug or something – there’s some goods that show totally different values than the ingame recipedia (and that’s the value that is also used ingame, as far as I could see so far). Two examples:

    – Flour lvl 0:
    -> Z’s recipedia: 153 gold
    -> Ingame: 101 gold. I’m currently producing flour in a game and can confirm it sells for 101 gold.

    – Black Whiskey lvl 0:
    -> Z’s recipedia: 422 gold… also, at level 5 it’s suddenly worth 21831 gold?!?
    -> Ingame: 101 gold (!).

    I haven’t looked through all of them, but there may be more of these.




    I don’t see the values that you are reporting. I see the correct values, at least for those two goods. I’ll do some more cross browser checks in a little bit – I’m watching some Star Trek at the moment :)

    What browser / OS are you using? Maybe try refreshing your cache?



    Rrrgh. Maybe I caught the page in switchover again or something? On reloading after your reply, it’s just as you say. That’s really weird. Sorry :( I will shut it now.

    EDIT: I found the culprit I think. I’d been going through all of the goods from the bottom, clicking all of them to lvl 30 to look at the changes. Looks like, for example, clicking black oak to lvl 30 will increase the value of black whiskey lvl 0 in the recipedia. D’oh… doesn’t explain values like over 21K for the whiskey, but, well. Something on my end. Sorry again.



    Ah, that’s good actually – I was going to go crazy trying to figure out what was going wrong on your end.

    I just did a cursory test, and it all appears to be working (or at least not exploding) in Chrome (release), Firefox (release), and IE8-10. As always, let me know if you encounter any other problems.

    Edit: Oh, well let me take a look at that. It’s possible something is getting overwritten when values are changed around.
    Edit Again: I think you’re saying that everything seems to be in working order. If I’m misinterpreting or there’s still something wrong, post away. I’ll try and take a loot again in about an hour!

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 2 months ago by  Zerack.


    Yeah it’s all looking good, I was being a derp and didn’t realize increasing the lvl of one good would affect the displayed values of the goods built from it as well.
    And it appears it really is possible for something like black whiskey to get a value of over 25K at lvl5 if all components that go into it are lvl 30 – that just seemed completely out there at first glance.

    I swear this game version has set me back to lvl -10 noob. Enjoy dat Star Trek ;)



    Firefox on OS X – when I change the level of something, the tiny buttons can move, so that they’re not under my cursor any more. I’d prefer if they stayed put.



    Yep – there are definitely some UI things I’m not completely happy with. I haven’t given it a final pass, and the JavaScript that actually does the updating of values is something…special… right now (don’t look!). I have to go through and clean all of that up, but want to get things into a workable state for players yet.

    The next step is adjusting it so that specific builds are linkable / preservable, which is the gateway to allowing the tree view to be built dynamically for different recipes. In case it wasn’t clear, this is why the tree view is disabled right now – I have no way of preserving your level selections between pages, so if you’ve altered recipes they wouldn’t show up in the detailed goods page.

    Working on it!

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