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    Cake of Pain

    re: gem item recipes

    While these items show recipes like other goods, they can no longer crafted at factories in new games. This means you should never need to worry about “Other”.



    Hay Zerack,

    no “Other” item is required, it’s just the pure gems (three for necklaces, four for shields etc.).

    There’s now “shops” for each of the gem items that we have received in unlimited amounts – essentially an item you import from your vault, put down, deliver the goods to it and then it puts out the crafted item.

    Last I checked rings could still be manufactured in a miser (now basic) factory, but for all others you now need the new shops.

    ETA: Cake of Pain was faster. :) I’ll doublecheck on the rings in my next game, but in my last ongoing one, rings could still be made in a miser even after the subsequent chain put out junk.
    And of course thanks for the update, as always.



    I observe the recipedia is trusting the XML on the prices of things like the ice barrel, even though the game disagrees with the XML on their price.



    Hmmm, it would appear that the final VALUE in the XML is being rounded, while the value in the game is being passed through Math.ceil() or equivalent. I’m not going to look through all of the values now, but if someone confirms that behavior (or a different reproducible behavior) I can easily alter the parsing routine I have set up and update the Online Recipedia.

    Just keep me posted if you figure out the exact behavior and I’ll update my end when I can.


    Cake of Pain

    @Silverthorn- Basic Factories will be allowed to produce rings in games that have already started. New games should not allow that.



    I see, thanks!



    Zerack, I just noticed your recipedia currently uses the lumber icon for fine lumber as well instead of the fine lumber icon.



    Ah, I grabbed the wrong image when cropping the sprite. I’ve uploaded replacement images. All will be well once your cache refreshes from the server.

    Let me know if you see anything else out of place.



    Zerack, have you considered a form where one could input their starting/current resource quantities in order to see a quick-and-dirty list of what is mathematically possible within one’s borders? I know that not every possible output–given a set number of resources–has a viable layout, but it might provide a good place to start for new players and old.

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    Kheldar – That’s something interesting, and I remember TheEpigoni mentioning something similar. Definitely something I’ll consider once my schedule dies down a bit.



    Oh, and one thing I’ve been meaning to mention that is hopefully a quick fix/adjustment if you agree with it is to have filter choices survive digging into a recipe and then backing up with the browser “back” button. Currently (at least in Chrome) when you click on something and then hit “back”, your filters have been reset to default.



    Ah, that’s definitely a good suggestion as well. I’ll add it to the queue of things to work on once my schedule dies down. Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as flicking a switch, since if I’m going to preserve filter state I should also preserve search state, and then I need to add some visual indicators of that as well.

    I’ll try and think of a nice, seamless way to do it.



    Computer Explosion!

    So! One of the hard drives on the machine I use for servery type things is apparently misbehaving. This means that the website is inaccessible. I don’t have the free time to get this fixed right now, so unfortunately it’s going to stay down for a little while. I’ll post again when I have more news.

    Sorry :(



    Arg, Edit Timer!

    Alright, I moved the site temporarily over to a different machine. I repopulated the database and everything _should_ be up to date again. Let me know if something looks out of whack. Limited time to fix things right now. Arg. Sorry.



    Hi Zerack !

    i’m sorry for your computer…. the site seems unreachable for now….

    can i ask you a suggestion ?
    when i start a map, i always look around to find the better recipe.

    how to sort the avaible resources by sort with checking boxes ?
    for example, i only have stone and wood on my territory, i check boxes of these resources and recipedia show me all the recipes with only these resources!
    it can be very usefull !

    thanks, and good luck !

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