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    Works like a charm! (Firefox/Linux).

    Not surprised to hear it was a library bug and not your code.



    I’ve updated the Recipedia to be a lot more mobile friendly. The table should no longer explode the container on small screens, although this is at a loss of columns as width progressively shrinks. If you aren’t seeing the Base Materials information or the Filter button, use a wider screen, as they are only visible at the widest setting (1200px+).

    It’s possible for me to re-add the Filter button on smaller screens, but it would be there _without_ the columns it is actually filtering on (thought it would still function correctly). Let me know if that’s a problem.

    Check it out and give feedback! Leap Day Recipedia

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    I was confused by the absence of the filter button. I’d prefer if it were there even without its columns. Thanks for telling me how to find it!



    Thanks for the feedback – I appreciate it.

    I’m going to be super-ridiculously-ultra busy for the next month or so, but I’ll try to re-add that appropriately if not before then, then after I am done being super busy.

    As always, feel free to leave any feedback. I’m always looking for ways to make the experience better.



    Update May 20th, 2013

    I’ve updated all of the new recipes into the Online Recipedia at Everything new is in the table, but icons aren’t cropped in yet. For now, everything new will appear with the Black Heart icon (since that’s the top-left image in the icon sprite.

    For now, everything still assumes recipes requiring 3 items each (that is, ?’s are shown for everything). I’ll work on reformatting things once I have the icons parsed in.

    Let me know if any of the data itself seems strange or doesn’t agree with the game – this is ripped right from the XML file provided on the sparkypants site, so hopefully it’s all up to date.



    New Recipes Available Online!

    I missed the edit timer, so double post. All of the new recipes are available in the Online Recipedia ( I’ve made some quick style changes for the new recipe lengths, but let me know if anything is behaving strangely on any platform – I haven’t had the time to thoroughly test everything out as well as I’d like to.

    A few items in game have the wrong icon. For example, Glowing / Shadow Earrings show the icon for Magic Buns right now. I’ve tried to use the correct icon where I can, so they should be right on the Online Recipedia. Let me know if something seems amiss.



    Hay Zerack,

    thanks for the swift update despite your being really busy :D
    (Took out the “bug” screenshot – upon reloading, all was fine, not sure what was going on there.)



    No problem! It’s possible that you were either getting a cached version of some CSS, or hit it between when I changed the templates and when I actually restarted the server (to clean some things up / reload the WSGI object with new views)

    The time consuming part of these updates is re-cropping the image icons, so any changes that are purely configuration (value, what crafts into what, etc.) should take at most 5 minutes to update. Hopefully there won’t be any more big new icon sets in the next week or so :-D

    Out of curiosity, what bug did you encounter? If it’s something I know could’ve been caused in the update, that’ll make me rest more at ease.



    Ah, the ingredients for the goods weren’t displayed in their respective columns on the default page, but were all left-aligned.
    Makes sense to me that I might have hit it between changes or that it was a cache thing, since I’d also looked at stuff just a few minutes before you posted the update about the new icons. :)



    Update plox when you have a few mins. Image related (I couldn’t resist, FORGIVE ME lol I am a victim of my generation).



    The XML is updated, so it should be a very quick update once Zerack is on.

    Meantimes I’m updating my spreadsheet.



    Ah, very cool. So there were boosts too besdies the nerfs.
    What does the “pricecheck” column tell us, exactly, if I may ask?



    At the moment, it tells me which things I’ve put the new price for (green), and which things I still need to update (red). Once everything’s updated, I’ll tidy it away.

    The game and XML disagree on the price of e.g. Ice Barrel. Not sure what to make of that yet.

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    Spreadsheet now has game-accurate (rather than xml-accurate) prices for everything. XML was rounding numbers like “26.4” down; game rounds them up.



    Recipedia Updated

    The Online Recipedia is now up to date with everything in the XML – hopefully we can figure out why the prices would be differing. I haven’t logged in in a bit – with these changes, how does the crafting for the various gem item recipes function? Is it still such that a Shield requires one “Other” item to craft, or does something exist that will craft it in just the 4 gems?

    I ask because if you still need 5 items, I can add an “Other” to the recipe. I had removed “Other” from everything except Junk when all of the recipes dropped to two items, but now the gem recipes are back to 2/3/4/5 items.

    Just let me know and I’ll try and keep things in sync.

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