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    I’ve been working closely with TheEpigoni to develop an updated online Recipedia for use by the Leap Day community, and I’m finally read to make it available. I’ve shown it to a few people, and the reactions have been positive. I’d encourage you to check it out – I think it works quite well, and has some neat features that aren’t available anywhere else right now.

    The address is:

    Let me know what you think – and please do tell me if anything seems to be behaving strangely.

    For those of you still undecided, here are a few screenshots of how recipes and individual items are presented:

    Two goods as they appear in the main listing

    A detailed look at Glowing Crown

    Again, a big thanks to TheEpigoni – he helped me get recipe data from the XML file, as well as giving me some much-needed assistance with Unity to extract the necessary image files. Thanks!



    Holy macaroni cheese biscuits! That’s awesome! Eventually, we’ll get to improving the in-game Recipedia quite a bit but we’ll not come close to this. <3 it.




    Looks nice! One minor suggestion – if you could change the title of the page to be something starting with “Leap Day” or “Recipedia”, it would make it much easier to find amidst my other tabs =).



    Ah, good thought. I hadn’t bothered yet setting up separate titles for various pages on the site, but it’s something I should do. I’ll try and get it all fixed up in the near future.

    Thanks for the feedback :)



    Arg, no edit functionality.

    It says ‘Leap Day Recipedia’ now as the page title. Also, it looks like someone tried to access the site in the 15 second window it was down while I updated it. Curses!



    I’ve enjoyed this since you posted in a link in-game. I like seeing the item multipliers. It highlights that some items are exceptional compared to others. Most items are 2.0x or 2.5x. The basic large factory items really stand out at 3.0x despite being relatively simple to make compared to more exotic recipes. It feels like they could be nerfed further (similar to black oak and fine lumber). I previously heard complaints about ice being worth only 1125 gold, and here I am suggesting it be nerfed further. The primary issue seems that any other creative use of water produces even less gold. The same holds true for food and stone, if you can find enough.



    Great to see this posted now, grats and thankyou :)
    How difficult are updates for this one? Now that sundials have received the expected nerf, for example, it seems like an appropriate question.



    Awesome job Zerack. Definitely supperior to what I managed to hack together. =). Glad to see someone putting the work into it that it deserves.

    By the way, I added this feature internally but never polished it for deployment. I think you could probably add it pretty easily. For the component view, I added the ability to view a smaller number of layers. So for example only seeing the top 3 layers of contruction for a black heart instead of going all the way down to the base materials.



    @silverthorn – Ah, I missed the news that sundials were nerfed (not undeservedly). I’ll redownload the XML and have this updated this evening sometime. It’s an easy process, just takes a little massaging of network data to get the XML file itself.

    @TheEpigoni – Hmm, that’s not a terrible idea. I’ll play around with the idea of hiding / showing some rows by default, and having a link that toggles it. Hopefully I can come up with something that looks good. The difficult part, however, is going to be repositioning elements appropriately to show and hide the trees (so that the upper tiers actually do condense when the lower tiers are hidden). I suspect I’ll have to completely build the tree twice, which may end up not being worth it. Good suggestion, though!



    Alas, for I have missed the edit window. Double Post!!one1!

    Sundials were nerfed down to a 2.0 multiplier from 2.5. This cascaded up the chain to Hammer of Time and Sparky Pants. No other changes we made.

    Sundials: 3515 -> 2812
    Hammer of Time: 11288 -> 9530
    Sparky Pants: 29553 -> 25138

    My recipedia is up to date and should reflect these changes. Thanks!



    Awsome Job ! I am really impressed by the quality of your recipia and The Epigoni one !

    @ Qonen : I agree that Ice is overpowerd compared to other water items. Indeed, this is due to this insane multiplier. But in fact ice is not OP compared to other items in general, the real problem i think is the low value of water. I have already said somwhere that water should cost 8 and food 12. Then you could lower this multiplier. But i can imagine that changing the value of basic goods is quite frightening…



    Just a quick note that I love your Online Recipedia, but that it’s doing something funny with middle mouse click. Normally, middle clicking a link opens it in a new tab. However, on your Recipedia middle click does nothing. I’m forced to right-click and select “Open link in New Tab.”



    Hmm, I’ll look into this. I’m only able to replicate the problem in Firefox, and it seems to be affecting even just bare links. I’ll do some digging and see what the problem is, because I have _no_ idea.

    Are you experiencing this in Firefox / Windows, or something else?



    I missed the edit timer, so double post:

    @stratagerm – It appears that this is actually a (very) well known bug in the most recent version 2 branch of Twitter Bootstrap. There are some suggested fixes, but they each introduce a bit of odd behavior on their own, so I’ll have to investigate and see what’s appropriate for my us. There isn’t yet an official patch or fix, and the issue is under active discussion.

    Hopefully they get it fixed soon!




    Missed the edit timer again, sheesh.

    I’ve implemented a suggested fix from the issue thread. I don’t use any of the things that this fix breaks (forms in dropdowns / other things in dropdowns), so I went ahead and applied it for now. Middle clicking appears to be working in Firefox, and there shouldn’t be any other ill effects.

    Let me know if it works on your end.

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