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    I believe DuraDura is pretty much impossible at this time as well.

    We’ve just finished the ice statue here, and there’s probably only a dozen unused food nodes left on the map. The guy making the choco bust is in on both food shrines, and is pretty much tapped out after making the single bust needed for the ice statue. Without having explicitly counted, I’m fairly certain that there’s not enough food on the map to complete it at all. The only reason we haven’t dropped already is that one of our crew needs a golden ice statue for a lvl 5 recipe, and we’re going to let things run in hopes he gets it.



    This is live now.



    Thanks! Looking forward to checking it out.



    Could you please let us know if there’s anything in the near-future plans regarding matchmaking or maps that are factually impossible now with l0 factories?

    I doubt you are going to seriously put 800 of each resource on the Lorde map, or 1200 on the Jones map, or over 600 wood on the Dura map (400 water for the Twins almost sounds like a joke in comparison). If you are planning to do that, the maps would have to be quite a bit bigger presumably.
    Right now, these maps being displayed in the game window block players from accessing games that are actually feasible, plus they let those who aren’t aware run right into “traps” more or less.



    Yep, looking at the resource issues on the higher level maps. I’ll see if I can put together a hot fix for the moment and then we’ll look at a longer term solution.



    Thanks for the quick reply, sounds good :)



    Some quick fixes high level maps.

    Dark Lorde:
    – Has additional global altars for adding 6 more resources per resource type. You’ll need to activate them however.
    – Only requires the Black Heart for now. This should make it far more attainable though you’ll still need to craft 100+ different recipes.

    La Dura Dura
    – Additional global altars for more resources.

    Mr. Jones is out of circulation for the moment. I needed a few more stats to even attempt a fix on him.

    I can’t promise that these are solvable with L0 recipes, but hopefully you’ll now have the resources. If anyone throws themselves into the fire, let me know how it goes.



    A couple questions.

    – Will Cougarina get any aid? In a game I see 35 gem nodes, but it looks like 148 gems are required for the Writ.
    – Should we abandon games that seem impossible, or will the quick fixes apply to existing maps somehow?



    Apologies to anyone who follows my link above looking for a serious game. Since we’ve got tons of money and nothing to really do with it, we started just doing stupid stuff for kicks (such as the hypercomplex one-way switchback necklace production line, or replacing every station on my porcelain bust line with fast trains).



    – Cougarina is updated as well with some altars that give additional resources.
    – You’ll need to abandon games that seem impossible and restart a new map to see the changes. With the caveat that even with these quick changes, they may still be impossible due to space limitations.



    Many thanks for the hotfixes Daniel, I’m sure everyone appreciates the effort to get interim solutions in place even while longer term ones are likely still in the works.



    No more Mister Jones, so how do we get fast trains now? Or better yet can you remove the fast train as an upgrade item for pottery

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    Fast trains are still dropped as a potential random loot drop if you 4 star a hard map or beat any expert map. Looking into the upgrade costs more.



    Thanks for the info, I didn’t realize that those were the criteria for Fast Train drops. Among my crew, only 1 of us has seen a Fast Train, and that dropped from a 5-star Cougarina (we suspected that 5 star was a requirement).



    Same here – five star cougarina was the only fast train drop we’ve ever had, and only one person out of the seven in that level got it.

    (Not certain if all players had 4-5 star availability, though)

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