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    Before I was able to navigate to gem goods by finding any good that requires gems in the list view and clicking on the ingredients.

    Recently I noticed that when I do that it takes me to the page for that specific gem which doesn’t list any recipes that it’s a part of (i.e. it lists nothing). So this makes it more difficult to find a specific gem good because I have to specifically find something down the line of the tree (or navigate directly to it on the list) and work my way back up to what I want to produce.

    Some feedback on how I generally navigate the recipes. Since there are so many recipes and it’s nigh impossible (in my opinion) to find the specific recipe you want, I click on the first thing I see–usually the base ingredient listed on the right as part of the ingredient for whatever it yields on the left–and then work my way down the tree, usually in a few clicks. I can’t do this with gems as they’re currently implemented.

    What I would like to see is that recipes that take gems, whenever you’ve clicked on a gem (like when you’re on Sapphire’s page, for instance) is that that page, specifically, will show you what gem recipes are available (rings, necklaces, shields, etc). As it is now, you can only see those pages when you’re on the recipe page for “2 of <gems>” or “3 of <gems>” etc.


    Cake of Pain

    Thanks for letting us know, we’ll get it fixed.



    One thing I was going to mention, specifically, but apparently forgot to jot down is that currently, if you’re on a specific gem page there are no recipes listed. It just lists the gem at the top with no recipes to set. I kind of alluded to that above but it doesn’t look like I specifically stated that.



    One more thing on navigation, Silaero, there’s a search bar on the lower left of the recipedia and training tabs. So if you want to pull up all rings for example, you can just type “ring”.
    If you already knew that then nevermind me, just took me quite a while to notice, myself. :)



    I did not know about that. That’ll make navigating to obscure recipes much quicker. Thanks ^_^.


    Cake of Pain

    @claudekennilol, are you seeing this in the current build? Can you attach screenshots if you are?



    It won’t let me back in the game at the moment to find out. I’ll see what the situation looks like tomorrow and get screenshots then.



    It appears to be working as I’d expect it to now. Whatever it was has been taken care of.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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