Museum testing help?

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    I added museum to all new maps that you start. This lets you save a layout and restore it. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Helpful? Not helpful? Bugs?

    All the best,



    It says “right click to pick up”, but if I right click it, it says “locked”. I assume this is intended to be temporary?



    It lets me “recover” or “clear”. Could I also swap with the saved layout, so as to compare two?



    I didn’t anticipate needing to clear the snapshot to move torches, but the “must clear snapshot” popup when I try to move a torch makes it clear.



    Overall quite helpful!



    It looks very useful, but I have not used it yet. Maybe in my next game I will try it out and give some feedback.



    Usually, when i clear my map, i also remove fire towers. Not being able to save the fire towers too make the museum quite useless for me. But maybe it will be usefull for beginners :)



    I’m not a big fan of the fact that it occupies a piece of valuable real estate by my palace, especially if it’s in a game where I won’t be using the feature.

    Ideally, a museum wouldn’t have a physical presence at all, but rather an option somewhere else.

    If it must occupy a spot on the map, then the ability to remove it when it’s not actively storing a layout would be nice.



    Yeah, the functionality should be activated by clicking on your King (which does nothing currently) rather than it being a building on the map that can get in the way of layouts.



    How much does the fact that it doesn’t work with removing fire towers impact your usage?

    I hear you on the space issue. Hmm…good suggestions.



    1. They get in the way.
    2. The fact that they don’t work with fire towers make them a bit pointless.
    3. They don’t work. The last two times I’ve tried to save and recover, it has ‘recovered’ a really old version of my layout and messed everything up.
    4. Why? Why did you change it this much? :/



    That they don’t work with towers makes them useless to me as well. It doesn’t really happen that I scrap an entire established, useful layout I’d want to recover to build something in the exact same space.



    Right now, the only use I have for it is clearing my money engine to see if I can lunge for the boss. If I have enough cash, I’ll finish off the boss; otherwise, I restore my engine.



    Now when a layout is restored, the existing layout is gone forever. I wonder instead if “Restore” was “Swap”. Alternatively, if multiple save slots were available, then you could save 2+ layouts yourself. Also, I wonder about letting other players perform “Restore” on other players. This could aid cooperation. For example: “I’m leaving this set up for income now, but when you are ready to trade, flip my museum.”



    I understand that some might like this feature, but for those of us who don’t, could there be a way to remove it. It does get in the way a lot, being that close to the king.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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