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    Logged in today and I got a load of mentor spam. Enter the game and the new player is just placing stuff all over their area, with no apparent attempt to play (eg. placing just a load of cranes and houses).
    But this is happening over and over again, each time with a new user and the same behaviour. The mentor requests are constant, regardless if you click No or Not now, popping up within seconds of eachother.

    Obviously someone or group has found the game and are screwing around with it.



    Hah! Was just about to post about this very thing, it’s happening to me as well right now. Thanks oscan. :)


    Cake of Pain

    We’re likely to have many new visitors today! Sorry for the spam on you guys… as these new players advance, they’ll start receiving mentor requests as well, so the few of you online at a time like now won’t be so crushed.



    The weird thing is that they all, consistently, seem to have no idea what they’re doing, at all, and they don’t try to find out, either.
    One guy just placed twenty cranes in a clump and began making some road art below it. The others mostly make some convoluted giant road loop around their own castle.
    Out of the seven I’ve seen in the past fifteen minutes, five then signed off after a bit of dicking around.
    Only one of them said hello, but then ignored anything I said. The rest must’ve noticed chat though, many of them use the ping tool to point at some random location.

    I can see how oscan got the impression this was an entire group trying to troll the game – this… doesn’t seem normal, I mean, they’ve been through the tutorial and all. :-/



    Yeah… I wondering where it’s being promoted. :)

    But still, surely the “No” and “Not now” should still be working?



    Same experience as Silverthorn – unresponsive and laying down pointers to blank spaces on the map, without a question about that location.

    I’d be fine with the near-constant stream of mentoring requests, if the mentees had an actual question.


    Cake of Pain

    We’re experimenting with a much shorter tutorial. This new mentor map is likely to have users with less of an idea how to play. Also, these are users who don’t necessarily know what they’re getting into (ie, not friend referrals), so expect them to be less clear about the game itself.

    In addition, many may not speak english, which limits the usefulness of the chat box :)



    lots of nonsense this morning in addition to the mentor spam. got a notice that a new version was available and needed to refresh my browser but no mention from developers on updates page. or did i just miss it.



    also my help box is open and wont close in addition to “fatal” messages that will not clear.



    Now getting a string of “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” in any mentor games, can’t even reach the ping tool or the chat input like this.

    Edit: Nope, it’s like Eola says. The error is in every game, won’t clear, and “Help” is locked open. What a crazy day!

    Eola: Not every update gets notes. Sometimes they might just be fixing small things or something, and we’ll never know what it was ;) you didn’t miss anything.



    Same error since the last update refresh, so the game is essentially unplayable…and unmentorable :)


    Cake of Pain

    I’ve put a fix in for that, you’ll have to refresh.



    Still having same issue on my account as well as my husbands adn my daughters. I can’t even play because the mentor boxes open up so quickly. Heck, mentor boxes are even popping up when I am in a mentor game! Nobody I have been stuck with is doing anything useful. they are just building things to build them in random places. This needs a fix fast.



    I am getting the same mentor spam. My main worry is folks will use this spam to amass crowns in an unbalanced manner. I have personally completed 4 in a short period of time and I plan not to complete any more unless the “student” responses back in chat. I complete have screen shots of what people are building, which looks like they are really lost.



    It’s not possible to complete the mentor map as a mentor anymore (it was earlier today, though) – they reduced the amount of gold for the mentor to 50K or so, which isn’t enough for the one fire tower needed.

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