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    Hey guys!
    I’m KindStar. I played Leap day months ago and now I’m back, getting used to the changes.
    Today I was invited to mentor some new guy. And in my land there was sign saying “This shoppe is crafting perfume to defeat the Ice Palace”, but the shoppe is crafting bread actually… I dont know if it was already posted.

    And the guy didnt notice me talking in the chat… He (or she?) built lots of random stuff and then left. Is there a way to keep the chat window open by default?
    (And sorry for my english, I’m brazilian)


    Thanks for reporting the bug with the sign! I’ve recorded that in our bug-tracking database.

    Regarding keeping the chat window open by default, I know that we’ve talked about it. I don’t quite recall the reasons why we decided to leave it working as it currently does.

    BTW, it is possible that your mentee did see you typing and didn’t write back because they didn’t read English. We noticed that a few months ago when we had a large influx of new players. It was quite disheartening. :( But thanks so much for trying to mentor this person! And welcome back to the game!



    Ok, thanks Scott.
    Actually on other mentoring, the mentee wrote me some russian-like words. I could try to use google translate or something, but there is no way to copy from the chat…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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