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    Put names of mechanics in [] so theoretical people can find it later and put it on a wiki.

    [Dog Pack]
    [Fox Pack]
    [Wolf Pack]

    IS boosted by [Skel King] (AFTER Pack multiplication; a tripled 3 Wolf Pack does 10 [Attack])
    ISN’T boosted by [Atk Squire]


    [mechanic:Pierces]: Ignores defense. {Bug?}

    [Spirit Lord] (Nevil)

    Counts at start of battle?


    (bug) Position of the Frail ability matters for some units.


    Does not care about faction. Takes total resource cost.

    Choose first unit that fits (total cost at or below the Transform value):
    # Look through the deck, in order, for a unit that fits.
    # (bug; fixed?) Look through the units that were disbanded (this turn?), in the order that they appear in the deck builder.
    # Look through the rest of the discard pile, in the order they got there.


    Like Arrow, but heals your units as if with Heal (back row first).
    Heals one per unwounded enemy unit wounded by this action.

    (bug) If two units with Drain or Arrow/Fireball+Heal act simultaneously, the game may get stuck.


    Acts in the [[Setup Phase]] (before actual battle).
    Heals FRONT row first.

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    theoretical guy?


    IS boosted by [Atk Squire], [Barbking], [Blood Rage], [Fighter King], [Knight King], & [Skel King].



    [Ashara] in OP should read [Skel King]


    IS boosted by [Atk Squire], [Barbking], & [Knight King]
    have not tested [Blood Rage], [Fighter King], or [Skel King], but believe those work as well.

    an [Attack] + [Rampage] unit

    IS double-boosted by [Knight King] (and probably [Barbking] and others), such that a 2 [Attack] + 2 [Rampage] Knight does 18 [Attack] (6 [Attack] + 6 [Rampage])
    ISN’T double-boosted by [Atk Squire], such that the same 2 [Attack] + 2 [Rampage] Knight only does 10 [Attack] (6 [Attack] + 2 [Rampage])

    [Atk Squire] boosts the first of two abilities. If the unit is a [Rampage] + [Attack] knight, [Atk Squire] will boost [Rampage] but not [Attack].



    Aside: I thought the devs patched the knightking double buff along with the atk squire double buff, but meh.

    ISN’T boosted by anything.
    BYPASSes defense



    Person who theoretically exists.



    IS boosted by [Atk Squire] & [Knight King].
    WILL trigger on vanishing & frail units, if they act on the same turn. If they are knocked out before, then [Flourish] will NOT trigger.

    To test: boosted by [Barbking], [Blood Rage], [Fighter King], & [Skel King] ?

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