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    I love the game, but one of my biggest annoyances is the “mayoral dead zone”. It’s the section to the east of the mayor where you can’t place objects. I assume this was meant to help players to prevent locking themselves out of access to the mayor? It turns into a big hassle when you have an object right above the major that you need to move through the south exit. You wind up burning a lot of energy that you wouldn’t otherwise because of the wagon behind you and the mayor in front. ESPECIALLY if you have the Trousers of Strength (because you’ll try to pick up the wagon and now you can’t move with the object).

    One thing that could help with the last bit is if the wagon was made a truly immovable object, like Baba Yega or some other ones. I don’t see any benefit to being able to move it.


    >> I assume this was meant to help players to prevent locking themselves out of access to the mayor?

    This is correct. There have been a few players who have completely filled the mayor’s room except for those two squares, and could possibly become permanently stuck in the forest if those squares weren’t available to teleport to.



    Wish it was just one single square BEHIND the mayor.. The game would only teleport you there if every other square was filled. You couldn’t leave on the path on your own and would still have to talk to the mayor. Would solve the same problem, but not be a hassle for the entire rest of the game to save you from a situation that a handful of players got themselves into once.

    Because if you fill up the room except for those squares, you can’t actually dig yourself out, right?



    I actually find it useful. It helps you move items from one room east of the mayor to one room south of the mayor. The “dead zone” blocks the object from flying all the way across the screen, so you use less energy carrying the item when you need to throw it south from the room with the mayor in it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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