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    As I never find any deck like mine I’ve decided to share it:

    It has 23 units, this leads to bad draws sometimes, but I haven’t been able to trim it down and keep efficiency

    Farmers and recruiters:
    2x Harden
    2x Johnn
    2x Remi
    2x Jonas (candidate to be dropped)
    2x Durant (candidate to be dropped)

    1x Kobi
    1x Evelyne
    1x Hector
    1x Oakley

    1x Rune

    2x Tally

    2x Taro <– from Oakley or from selling Jacens
    2x Jacen <– from Hector
    1x Era <– From Evelyne
    1x Commander Knight <– from Kobi

    Commander costs 21G
    Back: 5 Defense, 5 Healing
    Front: 9 Attack, 2 Bolt

    The win ratio is very good when I don’t have bad hands, I am now experimenting dropping the candidates.



    Having played against it once, it’s definitely the best Tally deck I’ve seen.

    The combination of 2x Jacen and a 2 Bolt commander, combined with 2 Taro is very brutal.

    It’s an extremely Legendary heavy deck, but if you’ve got all four of those units (2x Tally 2x Jacen), this deck really puts them to good use.

    Do you have a Horus? If so, I’d definitely recommend replacing Jonas with Horus, as he’s pretty much a straight upgrade in almost any situation. That is, if you don’t just straight up drop the Jonas slot entirely.



    I had a match against you earlier today (username Monkeh) and it was pretty crazy. You have a ton of legendaries!



    Horus is a great upgrade, tks for the tip, gonna experiment dropping the 2xJonas and 2xDurant for 2xHorus.

    I had once seen a guy using 1x bolts with Taro and thought it was great, had experimented with cristal gold decks but couldn’t get it to work. Tally changed that (was lucky to get 2x with 2000 gems).



    Have you tried replacing Kobi with Ramm? It could help straighten out your draws, although I don’t know If you need her lategame. Also, as a matter of Preference, I’d drop the Remis, & 1 Jancen. You’re only going to use 1 hector, so you’ll have to wait for the 2nd time you draw him to get the 2nd Jancen out.



    You’re arguments are understandable, here’s my rational behind those, let me know if this makes sense:

    The Remis are needed because of the extra recruit in early game.
    The Jacen’s are an intrinsic part of the combo and have 7 recruit. Which means that the probability of the hector being again in the draw is very high (I would say anedoctally 3/4 of the time it is there again)
    The Kobi it’s needed because the matriarch only converts up to +15 the cost. To be effective my commander costs 21G, so the Kobi (7G + 15G) still allows me to keep evolving it. Ramm would not convert.

    After the matriarch converts, the new converted unit will trigger (thus the Jacen giving it’s extra 7 recruit)

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    Ah I see. I don’t usually use large armies often, so perhaps Remi’s are necessary. But otherwise I agree. I’m curious, how fast is this army?



    Without bad draws (bad draw == no card played) I normally put out either era or the commander by 4th or 5th turn.

    Weekness is fast rush dog decks.

    i.e: (assuming good draws)
    1st turn – +2G
    2nd turn – +4G
    3rd Turn – +6G to +8G (possibly either kobi or evelyne in game)
    4th turn – Play matriarch on either Evelyne, Kobi or Hector
    5th Turn started with big bad guy in play already.



    @impronoucabl sorry dude, but even with a new macbook pro this game is really slow, was spamming the “fight button” in the last second and it timed out,



    I know that Tally has charity, but have you experimented with any other Charity units? They may clog up your deck, or slow you down, but potentially they could offer you some protection against a rush.

    You could try replacing
    2x Johnn 2x Harden 2x Remi 2x Durant
    1x Remi, 2x Durant, 2x Jakk, 2x Chloe
    or if you are finding you need a little higher early production and perhaps some more back row defense, you could replace the
    2x Jakk or 2x Durant
    2x Gerren.

    The biggest reason why this would be a bad idea is that your deck relies so heavily on Wood and Crystal units, so over producing gold without anything to pull could leave you out in the cold right when you need help the most. However a combination of high recruit along with Kobi, Oakley and Rune should allow you to slow down a fox or dog rush long enough to Matriarch some units, especially since rush decks are less likely to be wounding your own economy.



    I’ve kept iterating on my deck, I think right now it is at it’s prime:

    2x Harden
    2x Johnn
    2x Gerren (provides 1D on the back and costs 3, which is good)

    2x Tally

    1x Kobi (Knight -> Commander)
    1x Evelyne (Healer -> ERA)
    1x Hector (General -> Jacen)

    1x Spike
    1x Rune

    2x Jacen (Has 7 Recruit, so everytime it lands I get my deck totally open)
    1x Era
    1x Commander (Back 5 Healing + Defense, front 9 attack + 2 bolt)
    2x Taro (sell a Jacen to buy this one)

    That’s it, this is very powerful at the moment and only looses against fox rush.

    Most of the time whenever a Jacen is built on the matriarch I sell it for a Taro, but it depends on the game.

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