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    I’d like to start a new game today, but of the 3 maps I can see, 2 have been running well over a day and have 6 or 7 players already – so I’d be very unlikely to make a useful contribution as I’d be too far behind. The other is Murderous Baker which is easy and I’ve done a couple of times already.

    It would be nice if a map was over half full and over 12 hours old it disappeared from the list and you got a new one. Alternatively dropping the maps down to max 4 or 5 players would probably solve the problem.



    Sometimes the games that have only 6 or 7 players have a slot where someone left the game. It can be worth joining to see if you can take over their existing infrastructure. You’ll get either their items or their gold.



    I would like to hear the recommendation regarding the current Ye Dark Lorde game that is 18 days old and counting, with only 5/8 players. Will no new games of this type be available until this game is over? With no time limits, how will a game like this ever be won, other than someone (or up to 8 new players) coming in and taking on the burdens of a failed game/player(s)?

    I would like to see matchmaking improved, tbh. Have an enrollment period for one each of easy/medium/hard/expert games. Depending on how many people enroll before the cutoff, adjust the boss requirements accordingly. If only 2 people enroll, have difficult rings as the goal. If 4 people join, then shields should be the goal.

    I’m sure that the number of active players at this point is the main issue. Even still, all games need to die at some point, imo.




    I like your ideas though hopefully once we get the proper loot system sorted out (with appropriate transparency), it will be worth it for people to jump in and help solve the map late in the day. The primary glitch will probably end up being when players stop working on a map but don’t actually abandon it.

    I’ll see what we can do about getting that one completed because you need to try the new stuff!





    I completely agree with mdb036. I think 6 is the good number. On most map 8 players cannot really participate.
    Joeblowglitch gave a good solution. I have another one :

    After 6 people have joined a map, and 24 h has past, you should just let a new game begin. If people on this map sitll think they will need someone they should then be able to “ask for help” by clicking on an unoccupied palace. This would bring the game back among the game proposed with a special message and a maybe a special reward ?

    Just another solution :)



    While you may not like to join games late in the cycle, sometimes I do. For example, if I expect to be absent in a few days, a fresh game might last too long. As an alternative, games could keep track of how many different people have abandoned the game or individual player slots. Then, weight how likely that game (slot) is to show up in game lists inversely to that count. Widely unpopular games would fade away, while games that might be a fit for some but not others would still be advertised.



    Why not make a filter system, that kicks player who have been inactive for a day or so? I mean if you want to contribute, you will have to visit at least once per day to check if team has any plans with your resources, or if you can help in defeating some mini boss. How would you know player is inactive? Well he for example didn’t access the game for 24 or 36 hours!



    @ fichom: It’s entirely feasible for an active player to miss 24 hours. Let’s say I play every night after getting home from work, usually around 6pm. From there, let’s say I go to the gym once a week and typically get home around 9pm. Every time that happens instead of playing around every 24 hours. Alternately, let’s say that instead of going to the gym, I hang out with friends once a week. If I typically get home late on these days and and go straigh to bed, that would mean roughly 48 hours pass before I log in again. Of course, I could go out of my way to log in on those mornings to reset the timer, but it’s bad for the game when you have to do stuff like that just to avoid being punished.

    I’d suggested an alternative before – that for every 24 hours a player does not log in, the number of votes required to demolish their towers decreases by one, to a minimum of 1 vote, and resetting back to a full three votes required once they do return. That prevents situations where a player is squatting on critical territory or resources and nobody could do anything about it (ie. fewer than three other players), without resulting in situations where low playtime people suffer for no reason (eg. player absent, but nobody really has a complaint about their setup).



    We had to sign up with email addresses right (I literally don’t remember)? How about a voting system like with the torches, but instead of immediately kicking the character, they get an email saying they need to log in to the game within the next 24 hours or forfeit their spot.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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