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    Liz Johns

    Have any of you fine folks got any tips about getting the deer together? Having trouble with that one, but otherwise thoroughly enjoying the game.


    Joshua M.

    Dealing with objects that are scared of you is a useful skill in RNT.

    How many deer do you have to match? I have the best luck with a fairly open room, and then chasing them around until they’re all in one corner. Failing that, an axe will stun a deer for a few turns, long enough to catch it and move it to a better spot.



    I find it helpful to build a corral in the corner. For example, if I need 4 deer together, I take objects that I won’t need for a nearby door and build a two-high wall about 2-3 spaces away from the vertical wall in a corner. Then I can herd the deer into the corral, but not have to worry about them scurrying back out to the middle of the map if I walk too close.

    Not sure if the description will cut it, so I’ll try to illustrate in text.

    x = object (can be anything that is movable, stays still, and that you don’t need for a door elsewhere. trees/shrubs/gophers/etc.)
    w = boundary of map (wall)

    So if you were doing it in the top-right of the screen, for example:


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