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    I did buy a few additional slots, but I still toss away items all the time because they don’t fit into my planned spec. In your example I would toss away the shadow crowns, except maybe one. I make other things for income, so improving that recipe is not interesting yet consumes skill points. At one point I also started amassing rings, so I prioritized getting the other required items. Unlimited items do not work for upgrades, so even having bought unlimited catapults, I need single-use buildings for upgrades too.

    One thing I like about the new system is that it is easy to use yet difficult to master. A new player is unlikely to plan at all, but they will still benefit from golden goods from recipes they use. It is difficult to make any dire mistakes beyond spending a few skill points in things that will not offer much payoff. Meanwhile, there is large upside to formulating and executing a plan over tens of games. On the other hand, if a new player doesn’t understand factories, they will never make it through even one game. That being said, there is room to make the system easier to use, and I imagine we’ll see that over time.



    @joeblowglitch You have to use the limited reward item to level up your goods–the unlimited one does not work. That’s what I’ve been told in game from other players. I haven’t spent any crowns because I only played 2-3 weeks before the major update and don’t have enough crowns for anything and apparently my time spent since isn’t worth enough to be rewarded with crowns.

    edit: I suppose I can afford vault space but I haven’t bought any of that. I’ve only upgraded one good passed lvl 5, though, but have trashed more than enough (I’d estimate around 30ish) golden goods.



    I think I agree most with Joe here, and part of what Tempus said.

    I have been trying for some time to get a single Golden Necklace- I have already had to discard 6 golden rings, and many other things (though 3 of them were discarded because of a bug). I have been making necklaces in every game for a week now, no luck.

    But a necklace isn’t always the best answer for everyone in the game, and I do not want to be worth less to my neighbors for trying to get my Rings to level up.
    Often Earrings/Bracelets are worth significantly more, or I am sharing the gems instead of having them shared with me.

    The frustration I feel is that I am wasting my Golden Rings, and other goods, with the only alternative being “grinding” for them at the expense of progressing through the game, sharing, and having fun.
    I like the golden goods, but the bottlenecking at 5 is making it very difficult to spend them before they overflow, and discarding them feels wasteful.

    I also didn’t, until very recently, understand how skill points were generated or how limited they could be. I’m still not entirely clear aside from that they come with leveling.



    I just came back to the game after a few months’ absence, and I have to say, I’m having no fun at all. Golden chests were exciting to earn and open for a short time, until it became clear that earning them was (in many cases) detrimental to playing the game well, and in fact I’d have to throw away most of the items I get from them. Leveling recipes sounded like an interesting means of long-term progression … until I realized that because skill points are so extremely limited and many of the “major upgrades” are counterproductive, irreversible early choices can permanently harm your character.

    It seems the developers have made a conscious choice to force people to specialize permanently. I really don’t understand it. I want to play the game and gradually get more powerful over time. I don’t want to juggle useless vault-filling items and horrible debilitating choices. You don’t need an artificial cap on skill points to get people to “specialize”. As long as the long-term upgrade path takes a long time, and as long as players can properly direct their upgrade path (instead of relying on random drops), people will naturally specialize on their way to maxing out a character.

    Upgrading your character should feel great, like you’ve accomplished something and have a little more power. But right now, every upgrade I take just feels like a mistake, like I’m cutting off opportunities. Ugh.



    …because skill points are so extremely limited and many of the “major upgrades” are counterproductive, irreversible early choices can permanently harm your character.

    Since we’re allowed to select from earlier recipes now, I don’t see how this can happen. Could you elaborate on this?

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