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    Hello people!
    I have a problem, regarding a properly working foxdeck, that can compete against the average gold deck. It’s supposed to flood the table with foxes and beat the enemy down, but they currently get outdamaged the whole time.
    Of course, I am positioning the foxes in an order that protects them, passes around the thickest defensive enemies and maxes out their foxpack special rule. Still they usually get outdamaged like 28 / 52 or so.

    0 Wood:
    –1 OB

    1 Wood:
    –1 Kil
    –2 Rohk
    –2 Diug

    2 Wood:
    –1 Squint (Fox, wound1)

    3 Wood:
    –2 Flyt (Fox, Foxpack 2)

    5 Wood:
    –2 Pyras (Foxpack 2)
    — 2 Tik (Fox, Foxpack 1, wound1)

    8 Wood:
    — 1 Uvil

    Total: 15

    So far the deck never won. I have no trouble playing arthur decks and i know the basics about positioning your characters each round to adjust to your enemies strategy, still… i dont stand a chance against any proper gold deck.

    are foxes just THAT bad or do I need to get other cards / change some things? I mean… they dont do any damage in the mid- and late game, even if the whole front row is full of them…



    Put Blight in your deck. Sadly enough, it works: sell your units for Blight mid-game.

    Also, try Slogs instead of Rohks.



    I’ve been running a fox deck for a few weeks now that does pretty well.

    The key is Tavi, as is both VERY strong harass AND damage AND fox-amp for Flynt & Tik

    You have to run Outfitters for the initial Mull/Tavi gold, but other than that no gold units are needed (although ive been sometimes added a x1gernt / x1 bane that’s been fun)

    generally :



    1xTik 1xEnch 1xRoko <——–> Kil, Ob, Teak, Gernt, Bane, depending on how ya feel. (Durant’s too… but that stops being a “fox” deck :) :) :) )

    You get the Tavi 2nd turn quite often, and if not, usually throw down an Ench. Harass as hard as you can with Tavi&Tik while rushing damage with Tavi&Flynt.

    Drion (the new 3 knockout unit) is actually a thief so she amps Foxes (as does rune) but there is currently not enough payoff after getting up to her (no mid-teir forest units that compliment well.

    Tavi/Drion/Rune make a super nice & very compatible thief/fox/hybrid set up, but it just doesnt really lead anywhere good yet, so focusing the cheap wound/damage rush seems to payoff much better than focusing anything higher.



    Great setup SPH – If I had another Tavi I would expect that to work pretty well for me. Sometimes my opponent gets a bunch of healers out and the game will get away from me, but it’s pretty fun to play with.



    The new Reaper units will be AMAZING in this deck. Gild in particular, 3 wood, another front arrow and reaper.

    Beware my fox deck :)



    oh yea. this is going to be bad.

    My first game Tavi 2nd turn, Gild 3rd.

    2nd Game- turn 4 or 5

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    Ooff. That’s painful to see.



    /Users/everettgee/Desktop/Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.19.04 AM.png
    this is my pack deck



    You have to upload the image to a site like



    Such necromancy!



    It’s alive!

    The thread may be a bit old, but I think the topic is more relevant than ever. Aside from Tavi, Foxes are a bit rough to get working right these days.

    Here’s a new pseudo-fox deck I just made last week:

    Importantly, there is also an 8 cost commander with 3 attack/2 wound in the deck. It doesn’t have to be exactly that, but I think a multi-wound commander of some sort is pretty essential to this deck. Obviously it’s also 1 too few units without a Commander…

    It’s admittedly pretty light on Foxes, but aside from Tavi, Flyt is the best deal you can get out of Foxes, and Ozzle is the most economic way to maximize his potential. Teak allows some flexibility on placement over Pyras (who I only have 1 of anyways), and produces an extra point of attack, with the only downside being the necessary healing.

    The basic idea is to panic your opponent into either slowing their economy, or ignoring healing and defensive units in a gambit to build their economy fast enough to stop you. Then you can whip out Doken or the multi-wound Commander to start crippling whatever they are doing and get them both out to continue keeping your opponent off balance while Flyt and Teak mop up the last of their cities HP.

    I haven’t tested it heavily against stiff competition, but it does alright. I’ll play around with Foxes more soon and see what else I can come up with. I’m slightly limited by having only 1 Pyras (no huge loss) and no Tavi (massive bummer).

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    why no Tik? with his foxpack his wound can be strong much like Ray for cutting through defense. I think he’s a worthwhile 1 of.



    also… is SPH gone? I never see him around no more

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