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    @delha I would just like to be able to play the game that I signed up to play,, which has now been removed from existence by these updates. Your disdain for the original game does not invalidate my enjoyment of it. I wish I could play it. I paid for it. But it is no longer available. I’ll go back into my hole now.



    @kheldar: For what it’s worth, I very much enjoyed the 3 slot factories. I just felt that it sucked knowing everything you built (excluding gem-based items) was both harder and less income rewarding than a comparable statue setup. That said, I recognize that the difficulty level that came with said factories made it very intimidating to newcomers, and very much understand the decision to cut down on that barrier to entry. I’ve gotten two friends into the game, and one of them quit early then came back to give it another shot specifically when I told him about the revisions.

    @colemanpants: I saw on the Zollme Recipedia thread that more changes are incoming… Definitely interested in seeing them.

    I wanted to mention that soloing the Mr Jones game nobody seemed to want gave me some new appreciation for the current system. While the blender method does still largely work, scaling it up isn’t quite as lacking in finesse as I’d have thought. When you’re making six of something, having two shoppes hooked into a common output loop that’s feeding the next tier often leads to four trains loaded with good A and therefore unable to pick up good B.

    I had to go through a reasonable number of revisions to avoid having a system clogged with Fine Brandy by the time the first Birthday Cake became available for pickup. On the Mana Orb end of things, I ultimately found it easiest to just split the Polished Gems and Perfume entirely. Even then, I still had tweak the perfume production a few times to avoid having it clogged up with a bunch of trains all carrying food while two wood were on cranes just waiting. Timing is still a lot less relevant in this build, but I’m glad to see it wasn’t gone entirely.

    I realize that with the next build around the corner, this feedback probably would have been more helpful a week or so back. Apologies for not getting around to providing it sooner. I’ll also try to remember to post a link to the game later tonight, I don’t have it on hand just now.

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