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    Howdy Leapers!

    There are a lot of changes getting rolled out today and I wanted to let you know about some of them. We are super excited about how the game is playing with these changes but, as always, the game will mostly have to speak for itself. We look forward to hearing your feedback about things you like or don’t like, large and small. I’ll list most of what we’ve done but I encourage you to play with the build some first to get a more unvarnished first impression.

    1. Shoppes! This is by far the most significant change and is our attempt to bring multiple design threads home into a more elegant but extensible package. You’ll really have to play with them to get a feel for what’s cool about them, particularly since the description will sound even more radical than the change. :) But here it is:
    A. There are no more factories. Yup, all gone.
    B. The Altars as collectables are also gone.
    C. You now have an unconstructed Shoppe as part of your basic set of plans. You place the Shoppe, then select its recipe. All the current recipes are 2-ingredient recipes but that will likely expand in the near future. Shoppes accept inputs from any adjacent location and output at one corner. They are rotatable. They are also relatively big (3×3). Some aspects are easier and some harder. Our experience has been that the “hard” part is hard-interesting rather than hard-boring but we’ll see how it plays out.

    2. Museum functionality has been moved to the Palace (and the reported bug with restoration has been fixed). We are also exploring ways we might allow for tower movement so that this functionality is more useful.

    3. Palaces are now larger…4×4 rather than 3×3.

    4. The chat indicator should no longer flash every time you log in regardless of whether there is new chat or not.

    5. There is significantly more mouseover information on the score panel and most of that is duplicated on the Palace mouseover, including information on what goods are currently being crafted given the current setup and their values.

    6. Mentor System. This system is in the early stages but the idea is to see if veteran players can help new players learn some of the fun of co-op in a more natural way. If you receive a request to help mentor a game and you would rather not, you can just say no and shouldn’t be asked again for some time. The more you say no, the longer that period of time will get. You should also be able to, if necessary, abandon a game you are mentoring and it should get offered to another veteran player. We will continue working on this system and your feedback is super important.

    That’s the gist of things. Happy Leaping!

    J and the Leap Day Team

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    Sounds different, probably will have to see it to understand.

    I have a selfish question. I have a bunch of altars from a booster pack. Will they just disappear from my inventory once this change is implemented?




    toquerific: Re altars: They will vanish from the new games but we don’t actually remove them from your account. Once we get things settled down and feel we have the right long-term direction for the game, we’ll figure out how to make that cool for current players.




    sounds nice, but now I don’t have a factory or a shoppe in my inventory, just blank space



    OK – we’ll have a try and see how this works. My first comment would be that curently I would use a factory to make multiple items to feed onto another factory …etc Doesn’t look like I will be able to do that now so I will need more shoppes (and way more space due to larger size of shoppe. But will give it a go.
    Like the other stuff though.

    FireGoat! :)



    @death561: What is your username?






    Woof. New version should restore your miser in these older games.







    First impressions of the new game is a that it is the same as the old game, but you can’t make a blender.

    However the larger factory (shoppe) and larger palace doesn’t seem to have been accounted for by a larger starting area, larger tower radius or anything. I’m finding the most frustrating thing to find space to drop 3 of these shoppes to make some luxury food.

    Maybe if the shoppe for cooked food was accepted the 3 items instead of 2 items and a different shoppe for the last?

    My two cents



    This seems to want different mapgen and different recipes, but it looks like an interesting direction!



    @toquerific: By “old game”, you mean with 3/5 factories? It definitely should be closer to that but we’ve found quite a few interesting tweaks that this formula provides. If you mean like the miser-only builds, I’d love to know why you think that.

    We’ve been playing this build with the old map gen and found it worked better than we thought it would. Given the filtering Shoppes provide, you can make them relatively dense. The current build does give a little more spacing on resources but we will continue to make tweaks to mapgen.


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    These changes sound pretty awesome. Looking forward to seeing how they play out.

    Edit: In my first new game using the shoppes now. Love the graphics on them!

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    By “old game” I mean the miser only system.

    The change from 3 and 5 slot factories to 2 slot factories was a major change as you were previous arranging flans more to get all the correct resources in place. Then with miser-only you were arranging factories more as you needed more of them.

    This latest change seems less drastic because the factories still accept only two items. So (as I said) cooked food is still a spices shoppe feeding in to a cooked food shoppe.

    Instead of a 3-slot factory making spices if you had 2 stone and a fruit (or 2 fruit and a stone), but making cooked food if you had 1 fruit, 1 stone and 1 wood.

    You can definitely pack the shoppes in tighter because of the filtering but you still need space or you have to add other factories as your flans can end up useless if you pick up a undeliverable item.

    When I said you can’t make a blender I was wrong. You can actually make a more effective system as a ring of flans will pick up the items you have but if you place 2 or 3 factories with the most obvious combinations (based on your resources) you can ensure you never produce junk.

    I’m still in my first game with the new system, and based on my resources I am making 3 pottery a day. I have a lot of fruit but space doesn’t make it worth my while to even pick it up.

    I have to say that I don’t like the graphics of the shoppes. Nothing to do with functionality, but while the different towns look different based on production. They seem visually more busy and confusing. Again this is taste, but I liked how the factories seemed alive and actually producing the resulting product.

    This is early days, must finish one game. :)




    I Started a new game to see the changes and I am finding it difficult to find room to place shoppes in any kind of line to make anything worth while. My 2 thoughts on this are:

    1. Have the starting land at least 1 grid larger in all directions as well as have the torches extend at least 1 grid more in each direction

    2. I think the recipes should go back to the 3 input system. The 2×2 miser factories work perfectly with the 2 part recipe system. But now that the shoppes are 3×3 I think they should accept 3 ingredients to offset the space requirements to actually make a chain.

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