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    Sometimes, matching randomly against people (or picking on your friends) just isn’t enough! If you’re looking for challengers in Highgrounds, post your username here and declare yourself ready for battle!

    Take the opportunity to describe your play preferences — i.e. times you’re generally online and available to play; interest in real-time vs. asyncronous battles; types of matches you enjoy, etc — in order to increase the odds of finding yourself a satisfying opponent. :-)



    Rofl, an amusing way to spend a few minutes for a study break.

    I’ll be on often, such as late evening (right now for example), so go do that quick matchmaking or challenge CrazyHead!









    Username: Josh

    I prefer to only play people using the starter deck (+ units gained through campaign; just no Spike type bullshit)
    I have no preferred time to play, just whenever I’m on. *shrug*



    Username: GammaGoblinz

    I haven’t lost a game in quite awhile and would actually prefer to play people with challenging/competitive decks because I feel like I stopped learning strategy once I found one that beat every deck I come across.

    I’d love it if someone could school me in a match.



    Don’t do it. Gamma’s deck is one of, if not the best decks in the game and he plays it nearly perfect. There is a reason his initials are GG. That said, I love the dude.



    Username: Chace, level 50. I’d prefer to play people who have bought some cards.



    Noob Here. Only starter deck here for me. If you’re a fellow noob, challenge GWhat



    Username: ungoodname

    Fairly new user, don’t have the cash to buy cards.

    I’ll play either asynchronous or real-time.


    Z.A. Clark

    Username: Espo. Currently level 37.

    I only have a starter that I have fiddled about with some campaign and rank rewards. That being said, however, it does well in many cases. Although Eamon smacked up on me a few days ago, so it may not be booster battle capable.

    Good to see a bunch of competitive folks!



    Username: ceLk

    Hit me up…. I normally play late nights EST time.

    If you want to schedule something just message me!

    I’m rolling with a shade deck but still have tweaking to do.



    Username: silverfox

    I play only people using the starter deck (+ units gained)
    No preferred time to play. I’m on in the evening / weekend, but I like asyncronous games too.



    Vaelvictus. I check HG “often”, but I have no best time to play. If I notice you’re online, I’ll stick around.

    I just want people who won’t leave when I’m about to win. :{



    Username: ete

    First time in this game, currently at lvl 12.

    I like non-offline games, so I can get really in the game strategy.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)

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