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    Thought this would be useful to post for the people that are looking for a specific item and aren’t aware of the FAQ:

    Since the “more loot” update, it’s of course possible to get any of these items on other maps as well, but the guarantee is still a guarantee. “Helping one another” should be the mentoring map.



    I’ve been relying on that for a while now,

    But I just completed an Incredible Twins and got Trans & Slow Trains, and NO; Carousel Crane, so it isn’t fully accurate.

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    Oh really! That’s interesting. I thought I’d read in the loot update post that the guarantees were gone, but any game I’ve played after that, they still displayed in the mouseover over the boss and they still proved true.

    Do you perchance remember if the guarantee mouseover was there or not in your game?



    Okay so, the loot update post says “You’ll get at least one guaranteed drop and then a random selection of additional single use plans when you complete a map.”, which is the opposite of what I thought I read there.
    So if you didn’t get the carousel, that might be a bug there, unless it said it guaranteed slow train instead or something.


    >>But I just completed an Incredible Twins and got Trans & Slow Trains, and NO; Carousel Crane, so it isn’t fully accurate.

    Sorry about that. It’s possible that I made a mistake when writing the FAQ, or it’s possible that we changed the guaranteed loot drop for the Incredible Twins map at some point over the last few weeks. In any case, I looked at the map definitions and the current guaranteed loot drop for Incredible Twins is a Normal Train Station and Track. So on the positive side there is no bug–you did get the correct guaranteed drop. I’ve modified the FAQ accordingly. I also double-checked all the other map definitions while I was there, and their guaranteed drops appear to be unchanged from the values originally in the FAQ.

    If you see any other mistakes or things that get outdated in that FAQ, please let us know.



    Thanks for looking that up and writing the FAQ in the first place, Scott, it’s really helpful :D

    Have to say though, that’s a pretty shabby change for the Twins ;-/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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