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    Title says it all. If we’re supposed to be able to specialize our princes then it’s assumed we won’t be upgrading certain goods. I’ve got golden goods clogging up my vault that I don’t want to spend because I don’t want to spend points on those goods. I’ve two spots left, soon to be none. Hopefully when it gets filled up it will let me choose what I can trash.

    I’m also a fan of being organized. I’d like to somehow have my vault be ordered instead of the goods showing up in the order they were picked up. Lastly, I’d like to see buildings/golden goods in separate tabs, but I don’t know how that would balance out since they’re both required for major upgrades.



    After a few games, I would like to reiterate the above/agree. We are going to be forced into upgrades we don’t want at all simply because of vault space running out, and that’s not nice at all.
    If goldens of the same item stacked, that would help for a while I think, for example.

    Kheldar posed the idea that other than just letting us trash them without compensation, it could be made something like: let us turn in x number of golden goods for a specific item for a gold boost in the current game.

    Another related idea by him was that perhaps upgrade paths should be flexible, so that we have a choice of either upgrading a good so it stays the same in value but uses less material, stays the same in materials but goes up in value a little or gets more complicated to craft but also notably goes up in value. So we’d have a choice for every playstyle.



    Or maybe enable player’s trade their golden goods into Crowns? Since you(developers) mentioned returning Crown earning in game, why not make it so player’s can turn their golden goods into crowns? Not much crowns, but better something than nothing. You could make The simplest goods bring only about 1-2 Crowns, while the most complicated ones(let’s say all the Armors) bring 30-40 Crowns? This way, players will be able to adapt their build to their current available resources on their land, and not worry about getting unwanted golden goods that will only take place, and in stead get some reward for them.

    This way you kill 3 birds with only one stone: Crown awarding system(I think this system is ok, since player’s wont be able to earn enormous amount’s of Crowns so fast), stacked up golden goodies and player’s developing slower in games where they try to make goods they plan to level up, but the resource layout just makes it so hard to do they end up falling behind everyone in that particular game



    So I’ve got an excess of goods now. The extra one shows up in a red box, I can still use it. (I was full, picked up a stone ring, trained with it, repeated, and now I’m left with a golden ring in a red box in my vault).

    I’m not sure what’s going on here. I thought maybe it would kill itself if I left and came back so I reloaded the screen, it was still there. I would like to know what the expected behavior is.

    also, I’d think after 40 hours I’d find more than 3 golden chests.

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    Alright, so I started a new game with an excess of goods (more goods than my inventory can hold). And I was given the option of selling off buildings (for 1 crown each) ((or shipping them to the map)) and discarding golden goods.

    1 crown per building and nothing for golden goods is too low (for each of them).

    Also, this should be made more clear to the user. Are goods able to be trashed/sold at any time, or just when there is a surplus?



    Ability to trash goods at anytime is coming.

    The crown value of the goods is something we intentionally tuned way down (along with crown rewards in general) to avoid accidentally flooding the game with hard currency in the middle of these pretty large changes. We’ll revisit that once a bit more data is collected.



    There’s a small bug with the selling mechanic.
    If you sell one item, it says “Sell for 1 crown?” After selling it, choose another item, and itll say “Sell for 2 crowns?” and so on. It’s ‘remembering’ stuff you’ve selected but already sold and is no longer selected. Luckily for you guys, it’s only a display bug.

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